CTEX INC Offers Cost-Cutting 'Golden Egg' Business Solution

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Viable business solutions often shine like the golden egg in a competitive business environment. And businesses may thrive or fail, based upon whether simple strategies or opportunities were either embraced or ignored. This is especially important in light of the explosion of new businesses, Internet and otherwise. One company has been providing a specific business solution for over 23 years that may be key to the success of your business.

The explosion of new businesses, especially those that are Internet-based, has forced veteran entrepreneurs and corporations to discover new ways to service customers in order to remain competitive. Acquiring a competitive edge has always been the name of the game, but utilizing ever-expanding technology continues to offer a unique set of hurdles. Thus the dilemma and day-to-day challenge for businesses seeking cost-effective, high-quality solutions that will please customers, as well as shareholders.

As a result, in the midst of this tentative balancing act, the mailing departments of many growing companies have found it necessary to expand or adjust to accommodate huge volumes of a different type of mail. Mainly because long-anticipated innovations have provided the ability to transfer mind-boggling amounts of information onto various media, a significant portion of the outgoing fare in company mailrooms has become filled with round, silver discs -- CD‘s and DVD‘s. So how do businesses deal with the costs of sending this “media” mail?

Bob Rusert, the founder of CTEX INC, has been a part of the solution to dilemmas like this for over 23 years. As an engineer and corporate art executive, he has been dedicated to providing businesses with a means to avert some of the heavy costs involved in distributing these increasing volumes of multimedia. Interestingly, he advocates that businesses consider utilizing a valuable resource, little-known for providing a cost-cutting alternative for media mail distribution -- the US Postal Service (USPS). The USPS media mail rate, which is significantly lower than its first class rates (by dollars in most cases), can be used for DVD’s, CD’s, mini discs, and other published media. For companies with a high volume of such mail, this can lead to savings in the thousands of dollars or more each year as compared with first class mail costs. However, the USPS has specific guidelines for the packaging and preparation of media mail in exchange for this cost break, including a stipulation concerning proper packaging and labeling. This is where CTEX INC can help.

Although known in the San Francisco Bay Area as a reputable and experienced CD and DVD Replication company, CTEX INC also offers the necessary tools for businesses to distribute large quantities of media mail in a cost-effective manner. Perfectly sized, pre-labeled CD and DVD sleeves and envelopes can easily be ordered at wholesale bulk prices in the online store on CTEX INC’s website, http://www.ctexinc.com. And the low costs of these materials are not by accident.

“The real cost should be the cost of distribution”, states Bob Rusert, “not the cost of the CD’s and DVD’s.”

In addition to bulk pre-addressed mailing materials, CTEX INC also offers the highest quality blank CD’s, mini CD’s, video DVD’s, credit card and data CD’s, as well as all the necessary packaging -- including clamshell and plastic jewel cases. Since CD and DVD replication is CTEX INC‘s primary specialty, their online store is simply an icing-on-the-cake affordable service offered to businesses as they seek solutions for increased profitability.

For those businesses that are not equipped to handle their own CD or DVD duplication, CTEX INC is available for large-volume duplication, professional printing and expert packaging of master CD’s, DVD’s and similar media. These services provide businesses with the luxury of not having to purchase the costly high-tech scanning technology, such as that used by CTEX INC. Also, small businesses are able to emulate the same state-of-the-art quality as large corporations when CTEX INC handles their project. Even custom artwork and silk screen printing are available options.

Viable business solutions often shine like the golden egg in a competitive business environment. And businesses may thrive or fail, based upon simple strategies or opportunities that were either embraced or ignored. So when a business solution comes knocking, like CTEX INC, you may want to give it careful consideration.


Established in 1983, CTEX INC, http://www.ctexinc.com, is one of the oldest and most experienced CD Replication companies on the West Coast. With a reputation for excellence and customer-focused service, CTEX INC has produced millions of CD, DVD and other projects for numerous large and small businesses -- including software developers, financial and educational institutions, insurance companies and non-profit organizations. Located just one hour north of San Francisco in the Sonoma County Wine Country city of Windsor, California, they ship worldwide from their CD and DVD Replication Center. Their online store and web page, http://www.ctexinc.com, offer many other solutions to your CD and DVD replication needs.

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