Septuagenarian Launches Twenty Year Career Project To Help Elders - Factors in Early Retirement at 85

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Septaugenarian undergoes anticipated twenty year project to help over-fifty people launch a new career by marketing their skills and knowledge in their golden years.

Retired businessman and author, Don Bracken, 71, of Palisades, New York, reacting to the escalating cost of living, bias in the American workplace toward senior citizens and the longer life cycle of the American citizen announced today the formation of the 20 Per Cent Club.

The Club which will be available to people over fifty will be a guiding hand to those people who need to start a new career in order to finance the longer lives they will be living.

“The life expectancy of the average American woman is now 80 years of age,” says Bracken, “ and the man is 75. The cost of living is escalating and the fiat dollars pouring into our economy is diluting what wealth they may have accumulated. These are serious times for a lot of folks on fixed incomes and it can only get worse.”

The 20 Per Cent Club is based on Pareto’s Law of the 80-20 principle. “ Roughly 20% of a sales force will develop 80% of the annual results,” said Bracken,” the 20 Per Cent Club is for people who want to do something for themselves and that’s roughly 20 per cent of the people.”

Available to them, as a courtesy, will be consulting advice by experts in video, marketing, website design and other factors that make up Internet business. “It should take me twenty years to get this going on a level that it warrants,” said Bracken. “If I put in a 12 hour day though, I should be able to do it in 14 years. I can go fishing then at 85.”

Don Bracken is an organization expert who has enjoyed sizable success in business as the owner of a marketing and sales organization, successfully wrote articles and a book on subjects ranging from economics, government and American history. His latest book, Career of Gold, a book for people starting their golden career after fifty, sixty, even seventy years will be available August 15 on web sites and bookstores nationwide.


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