Webmasters are Moving Offline to Promote Their Sites

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As demand for online advertising continues to grow, supply is falling short at some of the major sites. More and more, advertisements for websites are popping up in traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and television.

When the typical Webmaster is contemplating advertising for his website the first form of website advertising that comes to mind is online advertising. In recent months the trend toward using offline or "traditional" advertising methods has been exploding.

Demand for online advertising is steadily outpacing supply on some of the major websites. From 2004 to 2005 Internet advertising rose over 40%. From 2003 to 2004 it increased from $7.3 to $9.6 billion! Simple economics will tell you that as demand grows more than supply, prices rise. It is believed that this is one of the reasons webmasters are moving to promote offline. It appears as if the expert Internet Marketers are gaining speed before the herd moves into this market.

One of the primary advantages of offline advertising for an online business is less saturation. Unless the industry is an extreme niche, the online advertising competition is extremely tight and breaking into any market using just online advertising for a website based business can be nearly impossible. Promoting offline is the answer for a new breed of Internet Marketers. Many of the big players in the website marketing world are praising the integrated promotion model of offline advertising mixed with traditional online advertising. One of the primary reasons besides less saturation appears to be choice.

Webmasters are figuring out that they can run a short add during the Opera Show for about $100. They are reaching 200,000 college students seeking work-from-dorm opportunities with a single ad placement. It is this type of coverage and cost effectiveness that has the successful website marketers jumping into offline website advertising.

Website ads are beginning to pop up on radio stations, late night television, and even billboards. The choices and ability to reach specific demographics has peaked the interest of website advertisers everywhere. Websites such as PromoteOffline (http://www.promoteoffline.com) are teaching webmasters the tricks of the trade.

“Demand for offline solutions is growing rapidly as our clients are getting disappointed with poor online results due to over saturation” says Jim Spears, Independent Website Advertising Consultant based in Central Virginia.

“Some people have tried to go at it alone and it can usually be successful for one or two methods after a lot of trial and error.” Says Spears.

As the online advertising markets continue to grow, costs rise and the barrier to entry into most markets increases, we are sure to see more and more website marketers turn to offline advertising to promote their websites. It appears as if the tide is just beginning to turn.


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