Emergency Preparedness Kits Flee to the High Ground with Latest Entry from Minnesota

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Minnesota firm launches high-end emergency preparedness kits for people who want a high quality, complete “grab and go” survival pack they can use for days, in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorism attacks, family emergencies, or to keep in their vehicle or RV.

A Minnesota firm has introduced a premium line of emergency preparedness kits that does away with many of the unnecessary, seldom-used items found in lower cost kits, instead focusing more on real-life essentials as well as comfort, independence and reliability with brand name products such as REI, Jansport, Maglite, Leatherman, Energizer, Castille, Mountain House and Nestle.

Emergency preparedness kits cater to people who want an instant “grab and go” survival pack they can use in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, family emergencies, terrorism attacks or instances as simple as being stranded in a car or RV in a remote area or in a storm.

Preparedness Systems, founded this spring by an avid outdoorswoman with vast wilderness experience, offers six levels of preparedness kits ranging from a $15 “office kit” complete with respirator, to a two-person, three-day full survival kit contained in a rollable duffle.

Tami Jensen, the company’s founder, felt that most preparedness kits on the market today have too many items that will never be used, not enough critical necessities such as antiseptics, light sources and nutrition, and low quality gear that may not work or last when needed most.

“For example. you won’t get eight different shapes of Band Aids in our kits,” says Tami. “You get items you need the most. In an emergency you do need high quality food, shelter, first aid, light, food, knives and tools, and cooking gear that makes sense, makes you comfortable and independent. We don’t offer the cheapest kits, but you get the right stuff, the right amount, and you get dependability.”

Preparedness Systems’ offerings include the office kit, a basic first aid kit, a personal safety system with self-defense tools, a child backpack, an adult backpack for one or two people and the mobile bag for one or two. Backpack and mobile kits include everything needed for survival for at least three days, including water, first aid, food, stove and cooking gear, sleeping pad and tent.

In addition to food and shelter gear, many important basics are included in the larger kits such as a loud REI whistle, Maglite, iodine tablets for water purification, a pack towel, poncho and more.

“Each item in each kit has been carefully thought out, and is the best in its league,” says Jensen. “In an emergency you have other things to worry about. You want the assurance that you or your family members can grab a pack with everything they need, and go, instantly.”

With some kits the company also provides an emergency contact flow chart that it recommends be part of every family’s preparedness. It’s a communications template that a family distributes to its members, defining a central contact point and who should call whom in case of an emergency.


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