Artist Carmela Cattuti Launches Cattuti Designs

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Artist Carmela Cattuti is please to announce the launch of Cattuti Designs. Based in Boston, Cattuti Designs offers businesses the opportunity to convey their corporate vision through the creation of customized art in the workplace.

Artist Carmela Cattuti is pleased to announce the launch of Cattuti Designs. Based in Boston, Cattuti Designs offers businesses the opportunity to convey their corporate vision through the creation of customized art in the workplace.

“Companies regularly spend tens of thousands of dollars on building a brand identity,” says Cattuti. “Yet the actual physical space where business is conducted is often ignored.”

Cattuti, whose art work has been purchased by such corporate clients as the Palmer & Dodge law firm, says research on the positive effects of artwork on both clients and employees inspired her to expand her services into the business arena.

According to studies conducted by BOSTI Associates, a New York-based workplace planning and design consultancy firm, there is a clear correlation between how people experience the offices they work in and their productivity levels on the job including job performance, satisfaction and their ability to communicate with each other. This finding is further highlighted in a survey conducted by ICM, a London-based research firm, and Art & Business, a non-profit network that builds partnerships between business and the arts at the corporate level. Their findings show that 73% of employees wanted more art in the workplace, stating that it both motivated and inspired them.

Cattuti says that the increase of open space offices has diminished employees’ sense of having a private space of their own that reflects their personality. Thus, the art in their view becomes more important especially if they don’t have a window nearby.

Further studies by BOSTI Associates have found that art in the workplace does indeed increase positive client and public perception. “The same principles that apply to branding as a marketing construct, apply to communicating your brand internally,” says Cattuti.

Cattuti stresses that she is sensitive to the fact that corporations and businesses-especially those in public venues-have suitability criteria that differ from that of a private collector. Cattuti’s aim is to both capitalize on a businesses’ corporate identity and goals while capturing the organization’s unique spirit.

Cattuti creates both large-scale paintings on canvas along with smaller customized artwork within each business’ pre-determined budget. By conducting an interview with a company’s decision makers, Cattuti poses such questions as: What do you want to feel when you walk into this space? What is your present corporate image? Do you want to change it? What images come to your mind when you think of creating a piece to establish a new image for the company? Are you interested in a traditional scene or an abstract image? To best allow for a collaborative process, Cattuti creates sketches in charcoal to allow the client to envision the final product along with helping to determine the final decisions about shape, image, tonality and color.

Cattuti began painting in 1980 and has unveiled her work in numerous solo, group juried exhibits. For the past four years she has studied painting and drawing with Carmella Yager at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Cattuti holds a B.A. in European History from City College New York where she graduated cum laude and an M.A. from Boston College in English Literature. Her specialty is the creation of large scale landscapes of Boston and European cities.

“What I love about Boston is that it is cutting edge without the flash,” says Cattuti. “My landscapes reflect this sensibility.”

An established Yoga Instructor, she credits her practice with imbuing the themes of motion, energy, calmness and balance into her work, qualities that are essential when designing art for corporations. Cattuti’s yoga practice was showcased on an episode of WCVB-TV’s Chronicle in 2003.

Cattuti is also sensitive to the psychological association of color and its resulting effect on clients and employees. “Most colors, when placed next to their complements, produce vibrating, electric effects,” says Cattuti. “Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite, or create a feeling of coolness.”

Most importantly, says Cattuti, the composition of the painting should inspire outside-the-box thinking.

“A catalyst such as art in the workplace allows observers to experience new skills in neutral territory,” concludes Cattuti. “In other words, you have to create the space and permission for creativity to happen. And leveraging your own office space is a cost-effective way to do just that.”

For more information on Cattuti Designs, please visit or call 617-970-5320.

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Opening Reception:

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Holyoke Center Exhibition Space

Hoilyoke Center Arcade(Harvard Sq.)

1350 Mass. Ave.

Cambridge, MA.


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