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People anxious for premiere controversial documentary, "Lapis Exillis," tensions rise over subject matter of film. Mirth and mystery, murder and mayhem, result from attempts to keep (or reveal) well-protected secret enveloping the nature of a world-traveled artifact, by some called Lapis Exillis.

People wait anxiously for the premiere of the controversial documentary "Lapis Exillis," as tensions rise over the subject matter of the film. That subject includes the mirth and mystery, murder and mayhem, resulting from attempts to keep (or reveal) the well-protected secret enveloping the nature of a world-traveled artifact, by some called Lapis Exillis. From threats of violence, theft of equipment, tourture, suspicious packages riddle the history and production of this film. Misconstrued information and antagonistic websites have already been mustered up in anticipation of the release. Misconstrued information and antagonistic websites already put up in anticipation of the release of "Lapis Exillis."

Unofficially, it can be stated that the emergence of this history-shifting treasure, and the suppressed facts surrounding it, will impact the course of human events as no other artifact can do nor has ever done. Archaeologist and brilliant painter Nicholas Roerich called the artifact the Treasure of the World, perhaps because it has a linguistic home in Turkish, Sanskrit, Hebrew and is known by a score of other titles.

This documentary is a traveled work, filmed in Manhattan, Los Angeles and area, Paris, Edinburgh, Rosslyn, Preston, Prestonpans, Shugborough Lichfield Estate, Lockerbie and sites in London.

All media are invited to a press conference, followed by the Hollywood premiere. A subsequent Q & A session, at the Philosophical Research Society Auditorium, 3910 Los Feliz Blvd, 7:30 p.m., Saturday, May 13. A second premiere is at Shugborough Hall on Lichfield Estate, UK, May 12.

A press i.d., or equivalent, is your ticket for admission to this first of the Fire Stone Series, created by the American and Canadian team of Gavin Wince and Louis Buff Parry. Details on the location of the PRS Auditorium, parking, and other show times, can be obtained by visiting, or phoning 323-663-2167. Information about the subject of the documentary can be obtained by phoning 780-429-2378. To view the first trailer of the documentary, please go to:

The host will be PRS Director Dr. Obadiah Harris. The moderator will be Dr. Jerrold Polansky, physician and author (with L. Buff Parry) of the soon-to-be released Sacred Symbolic Ciphers.

DVDs of the documentary will be available at the PRS auditorium and gift shop the night of the premiere and thereafter. Orders for the related Parry-Polansky book can also be taken at both locations in the PRS center.

Here is what others have said about this revolutionary breakthrough:

"If he is right, Mr. Parry will have succeeded where even code breakers failed"?, front page, The Birmingham Post / Mail, March 17, 19, 2006.

"I have read every theory that has ever been written and this (L.B. Parry's) is the most exciting because, in my mind, I cannot find a question that he cannot answer?," Richard Kemp, the General Manager of Shugborough,” Lichfield Estate, stated to BBC on March 17, 2006.

The Times (of London), witness to part of the filming of this documentary, summed up the subject beneath the heading, "Da Vinci cliff hanger?," followed by the sub-heading "a clue to a secret message?."


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