Stepping Beyond the Da Vinci Code

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Just as the “Da Vinci Code” uplifts Mary Magdalene, the shocking new ebook by Mary Magdeline breaks even more sacred codes. "Original Sex – "What really happened in the Garden of Eden?" offers further new insights through an even closer look at history and the Sacred Feminine. This information reveals a compassionate and comprehensive study of mankind’s potential for rebirth and the return to Paradise.

Important revelations seem to be coming from all over that could change your life – or at least the way you view life. With the advent of the Da Vinci Code movie, people are taking a closer look at some of the messages of history and asking deeper questions such as, “Is there an ‘original’ sin?” and “Does the state of Paradise we long for exist?” “How could humanity have sprung from only two people as it states in the Bible?” These questions are all up for debate.

In the groundbreaking book “Original Sex – What Really Happened in the Garden Of Eden?” by author Mary Magdeline, real answers to these fundamental questions are now being revealed. New information from archeologists, sociologists and theologians has recently been re-analyzed. Various ancient documents like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Sumerian Texts, the Book of Enoch and other apocrypha (biblical text not included in the Bible) unearthed in the past 50 years or so, add vital pieces to the human puzzle that have been missing until recently. Many writers and researchers have come to the conclusion that there are a few alternate truths that have not yet come into public knowledge– but they should. And the sooner the better.

These new revelations are fortifying earth’s inhabitants with an entirely new level of consciousness. There is a groundswell of realization that knowledge may come from the outside but awareness of truth comes from within. Knowing the real difference between right and wrong, violence and peace and that true happiness comes from being in compassionate service to others while loving oneself is becoming the new meme. The secret Sacred Feminine forces are coming alive. Humanity is being given a chance to finally tap into its fullest intellect in unison with our heartfelt potential.

It is in vogue for the more evolved actors nowadays to use their talents and fame to shine light on dark areas of human life. More and more writers and journalists are standing up for ethics. More and more citizens are becoming involved in issues of justice. Even a few politicians are awakening to work for a kinder, saner existence. Humanity is growing up!

The Sacred Feminine energy of life is being revealed as the missing piece of peace. Humanity is at the point of realizing its hidden potential. Abundance in all good things may just be your birthright and in your grasp.

Magdeline is a natural-born medical intuitive and prophet. She has spent more than 25 years researching the healing arts, bio-electric medicine and enlightenment. Just as the “Da Vinci Code” reveals the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdeline offers further new historical truths as part of her book, "Original Sex – What really happened in the Garden of Eden?", a compassionate and comprehensive study of mankind’s potential for rebirth and the return to Paradise. For more information see


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