Health Clubs and Gyms Can Now Offer Members An Age Management Program Utilizing Advanced DNA Technology

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Every health club in the next few years is going to be offering personal genetic nutrition and personal genetic age management programs because it's now available and the boomers will demand it. Suracell is a genetically prescribed nutraceutical program which tailors the optimal delivery of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and special DNA repair substances, in the ideal dosages, based on individuals' unique DNA profiles. The industry is here, the demographics are here and the growth is here and the science has just arrived.

Suracell provides an Age Management Program that now allows health club operators to scientifically augment their total wellness offering to their members. The Suracell program allows members to preserve their health and youthful vigor by repairing their damaged DNA and thus slowing down the aging process. Based on and individual's unique needs and specific DNA profile, the program offers customized nutraceuticals for optimal aging, wellness and an enriched quality of life.

Age Management Based on DNA Repair

The human body is actually designed for continual self-repair and to replace worn out cells with perfect cell copies. But the DNA molecules, that make this possible, deteriorate over time due to the effects of free radicals, chronic stress, environmental toxins, ultraviolet radiation and the like, and no longer make perfect copies, but interleave damaged copies which manifest as aging…or worse, as age related diseases.

The Suracell approach to age management was developed by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., who was the first board certified anti-aging physician in the world. He has been focusing on age management for the last 15 years when he co-founded the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

The Suracell program prescribes specific nutraceuticals only after a DNA Profile and DNA Assessment are taken to determine the health of each person's DNA and their genetic predisposition to cellular decline. These are performed with a simple at-home mouthwash rinse and small urine sample from which a thorough lab report is derived.

The Suracell Nutraceutical Program

The results from the DNA Profile and Assessment and an additional lifestyle analysis may indicate specific damaged DNA that require targeted supplementation. These are corrected by Suracell's "Repair Products". Combined with a nutrient-dense "Core Nutrition," the Repair Products promote optimal genetic health in 5 targeted areas:

1.    Heart and Vascular Health

2.    Bone and Joint Health

3.    Blood Sugar and Body Fat Control

4.    Detoxification and Free Radical Control

5.    Optimal Cell Function

For health clubs, the appeal of the Suracell program is the precise tailoring of the supplementation program to each individual's body makeup, there's no guesswork. As the personal training concept has exploded in recent years, a similar approach to personal supplementation will also become the norm.

"But by adding the Suracell program, gyms now have the ability to say to their members, 'Our focus has been to help you look better and feel fit, but this age management program is about your living a better, longer quality life, so that we slow down the diseases of aging that everybody inevitably gets'." Said Dr. Giampapa, "Members never had this opportunity before, and that's were clubs can now do a lot of good".

Adding a Healthy Profit Center to Health Clubs and Gyms Without a Staff Nutritionist

Although the Suracell program is based on advanced science, it is easily sold within health clubs and medical spas by existing staff.

According to Dave Karlin, owner of the Europa Medi-Spa in Boca Raton, Florida, "My clientele are willing to invest the money and effort it takes to improve their health on such a dramatic level, I've found that if they are supplement takers already, they're more prevalent to become a Suracell client."

Suracell corporate provides all the marketing and sales support needed to launch the program at health clubs and gyms -- no staff nutritionist is required. It is an ideal way to add a sophisticated nutritional program without adding payroll.

Although exercise is a vital part of age management, it's only half of the equation. Now health clubs can add a supplementation program to synergize with the exercise program.

About Suracell

Suracell Inc. provides personal genetic health programs formulated to measure, assess, treat, and monitor the body's individual genetic needs. The testing and analysis programs are designed to pinpoint deficiencies and damage in an individual's DNA and provide personalized recommended protocols of specially formulated nutraceuticals and positive lifestyle choices. The company was founded by Chairman and Chief Science Officer Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., a pioneer in anti-aging medicine. Health clubs and medical spas are invited to become partners of Suracell. For more information, call (800) 792-7136 or visit


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