A “Virtual Mother’s Day” Gift for the Mom Who Has Everything

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Virtual chats can preserve precious memories for that special Mom.

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher founded "Echoes of Your Life" to help preserve a family member's memories (or even an entire family). If there’s a telephone, there’s a way to preserve memories. Using a conference telephone line, anyone or everyone can dial in and simply talk while the conversations are recorded onto the company computer. These "virtual chats" can preserve memories longer than a bouquet of flowers.

One family member (or members) can ask questions they've always wanted to know the answers to or they can just let the loved one talk about things that are important to them. The format is completely up to the customer.

The “virtual memory lane” enables an individual to make a recording for another talking about what’s important to them. This can be about anything. But imagine hearing first hand what it was like hearing the announcement about Pearl Harbor over the radio. Anyone would be excited and mesmerized to hear that encounter in the actual voice of someone who experienced it. What was it like when doctors made house calls? What was it like before TV? What was it like to see the first man on the moon? Answers to these and many more personal questions can be recorded and preserved forever. All that’s needed is a telephone.

A "virtual family reunion" is a terrific idea. Everyone in the family dials the same number (up to 50 people) at the same time and talks about whatever they want to talk about. This is great for families that are spread throughout the country (or even overseas). There can still be a family reunion even when some are not able to be physically present.

Once the recording is made, the file will be made available on a special Web site for the family. It will be in an MP3 format that can be downloaded and converted to a CD. No matter where the family member is, they will be able to download and preserve the file.

Imagine having the entire family on the phone at one time. What great stories people could tell with everyone saying "…tell us about the time you jumped off the barn roof, Grandpa"?

So, whether it's a "virtual chat" or a "virtual family reunion" or just a "virtual memory lane,” this is a hot item to give a mom for mother's day. Let her decide when, where and what she wants people to say. She won't get the file or maybe even the call tomorrow but she'll get to arrange it.

Time slots for “Echoes of Your Life" is in demand and rapidly filling up. But reservations can be made in advance. And remember, Father's day is coming soon!

About Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher founded Echoes of Your Life as a subsidiary business of Getting Unstuck, LLC. She is a retired Navy physician. Her primary reason for creating this business was realization of how many questions she would have liked to ask her own parents – and hadn’t. Now that she is the sole remaining member of the family, there is much she wishes she knew. In addition, she knows how important it is for seniors to convey stories and information about their past to others. This is important not just for their self-esteem but also for the historic perspective they can provide.


Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Echoes of Your Life

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