VoIP Review Site Offers New Comparison Chart to Compare Vonage with other VoIP

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VoIP Judge is a VoIP review site. While already offering reviews of Vonage and other VoIP, the VoIP Judge now offers a chart comparing price, activation fees, termination cost, among other factors.

The internet phone has put the traditional landline phones on the endangered species list. Within a decade, most Americans will be using an internet phone. The average savings to the American family by switching to VoIP is nearly $1,000 a year. Prices can vary anywhere from leader Vonage and their $25 a month, or SunRocket and their $199 a year plans.

With such a demand for VoIP products, and little information regarding their services, the owner of a VoIP review site decided to create a simple comparison chart for all to see. “I thought it was really inconvenient that there was no simple way to compare VoIP”, says founder Jonathan Baldwin. "I decided to put the facts for everyone to see."

The chart strips away all the deceptive marketing, and lets the consumer see straight to the naked facts. Price, activation fees, contract terms, and customer service glaring straight for all to see. This has been such a direct hit measure, that even some major VoIP companies have asked VoIP Judge to change his ratings. "I think the consumer needs to be heard, and I'm not gonna budge an inch." says Mr. Baldwin.

VoIP Judge addresses a big issue, by not only showing and comparing price differences, but promotional offerings, as well as hidden fees and expenses that VoIP companies don't want the consumer to know about. Those are all facts that take hours of research to find, and VoIP Judge puts them in the forefront for everyone to see.

About VoIP Judge: VoIP Judge is an independent party, and does not have any bias towards any VoIP company. There are forums for discussion, and everyone is allowed to contribute their opinion about VoIP products. The company was created to help customers find the best VoIP for their needs. The VoIP review site was originally designed with reviews, but now has expanded to contain a comparison, and a moderated forum for discussion of the voip. The major VoIP providers are all compared at the VoIP review site, these include: Vonage, SunRocket, Packet8, Verizon Voicewing, among others.

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