IM-III Impossible or Not?

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With the release of Cloaking Master Lite, the search engine optimization community will be turned upside down. The common SEO myths are finally debunked.

I'm not a bad guy. I'm not some spammer or porn peddler

Strangely enough, the arrival of the new MI (Mission Impossible) -III movie coincides with the arrival of IM (Internet Marketing) –III. On the one hand, there is Agent Ethan Hunt, AKA Tom Cruise, chasing down international evildoer, weapons and information provider Owen Davian, a man said to have no remorse and no conscience. While on the other hand, we have Blue Pill Internet Marketer, AKA Head in the Sand, chasing down international evildoer, internet cloaking weapons and information provider Keith Baxter, a man said to also have no remorse and even less conscience.

“I'm not a bad guy. I'm not some spammer or porn peddler,” said Keith Baxter, directly responsible for the successes of three of the hottest search engine manipulation programs on the market... Ranking Power, Niche Monster and Cloaking Master. “I just want the best rankings and the most traffic I can possibly get. If you feel the same way, you may be ready for an invitation into an exclusive community.”

Baxter dares to defy three popular Internet marketing myths of the common Blue Pill (AKA Head in the Sand) Internet Marketer:

Illegal Issue – People worry that cloaking is illegal and will get you banned.

Evil Issue – Others worry that cloaking is an evil, immoral practice.

Hiding Issue – And still others worry that cloaking is used to hide your websites form search engines.

Baxter addresses each issue head on, to those who dare to visit his latest site that promotes his, “Cloaking Master Lite.” He defies those who may have misconceptions of him and his intentions to take a peak at reality.

“Shaken, Not Stirred”

In reality, Keith Baxter founded one of the most respected traffic and SEO (search engine optimization) how-to mastermind groups that’s still active on the Internet today. He is also a regular "Top Affiliate" for programs offered through Linkshare and Commission Junction.

But he does like to shake things up a bit, and not mix (nor stir) myths with reality.

“I was happy with my normal, "nice guy" traffic generation tools,” explained Baxter. “But I forgot all about those tactics when I discovered the truth… Cloaking isn’t for the feint of heart!”

To learn more about the myths and realities of cloaking and discover whether or not Keith Baxter is indeed an evildoer or perhaps in cahoots with James Bond instead, head on over to:

Warning: His site is rumored to be set to self-destruct. Delays could be costly!


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