The Dream Lives...Both "Original" Stamps and Imperials Quartets Join John Krondes and the Elvis "Hit Making Team" Recording Project

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After 29 Years Of Silence, The Elvis Dream Comes Alive For Music Fans and The Melodies Fly Again Through The Airwaves.

At The End of a rainbow you'll find a pot of gold. Well Fans, in this "Wonder Story" The End is just the beginning and our Rock 'n Roll rainbow has found musical gold. Just a few years ago, a beautiful new recording of the standard "The End" by John Krondes and The Jordanaires became the creation of new life. "The End" became the seed that harvested the return of All The Kings Men to the studio.

Astonishingly, with the addition of the "Original" Stamps and Imperials vocal groups to the "Hit Making Team" this past week, just about all of Elvis Presley's "Hit Team" is back in place making new music. Music Fans have been wandering in a dark songless nightmare for 29 years since the day the music died in 1977. As puzzling or hard to believe as it may seem, the week of May 8th 2006 is the historical landmark when the lights came back on and the music and Elvis were given a new lease on life.

The Nay Sayers, Pessimists and Archenemies of Rock 'n Roll are speechless and awestruck. The experts said it would never happen, and there are a few that tried to stop it, but at the end of this rainbow Rock 'n Roll Heaven prevailed. On this great new day in 2006 the music is alive again and the Elvis Presley "Hit Making Team" has been reinstated.

It all started in Las Vegas when the young singer/songwriter John Krondes pitched his Dad's song "The End" to the Jordanaires (Elvis’ Main Back Up Group). This very same song Elvis sang to his future wife Priscilla the night they met in Germany has now become responsible for his fresh start and Spiritual Movement. By some twist of fate or Will of The Musical Gods, the newly formed music team of John Krondes and the Jordanaires began to take on its own life. Over the winding course of the last two years, Elvis Presley's music makers began to surface and at The End of this rainbow Elvis Presley's Hit Team is back bigger than ever, making new music with John Krondes and the Jordanaires.

In 1969 when the Jordanaires chose to remain in Nashville, Elvis introduced the Imperials and Stamps as his main vocal groups. The Imperials first began their collaboration with Elvis in 1966 with their beautiful harmonies on the "How Great Thou Art" Album. The Imperials became Elvis' main vocal team both live and in the studio through the latter part of '71.

It was November of 1971 when Elvis asked J.D. Sumner and the Stamps to tour with him. From that moment on, J.D. and the Stamps were featured on most of Presley's recordings and played with Elvis until his last concert on June 26th, 1977.

The awe-inspiring series of events of the last two years have culminated in completing the Elvis Circle in 2006. There is a powerful force in place that has assisted singer John Krondes to beat the odds and bring to fruition the mission of "Keeping The Music Alive."

News of the dazzling week of recordings last week propelled faster than the speed of sound around the world. It was a supreme moment, and a certainty that Elvis lives when Donnie Sumner with the "original" Stamps and Imperials walked in to Masterfonics Studio A in Nashville this past Tuesday May 9th to sing.

The list of characters that showed up to sing in Elvis' honor was majestic. John Krondes and Elvis composer Paul Evans were greeted by Stamps members Donnie Sumner, Bill Baise, Ed Hill, Larry Strickland, and Imperials Jim Murray and Armond Morales. In two magnificent sessions that day, all the Original Imperials and nearly all the Stamps vocalists through song brought Elvis' spirit to new heights. Other Original Imperials members Terry Blackwood and Joe Moscheo with Sherman Andrus and Gus Gachus as well touched the heart that special day.

John Krondes and The Jordanaires along with now just about anyone and everyone that ever played and sang with Elvis are nearing completion of a history making music CD. The recreation of this "Hit Making Team" is an unexplained and unprecedented phenomenon. The Gates of Rock 'n Roll Heaven are swinging and singing with joy at the news the mission has been completed. This is a historical first since the death of Elvis in 1977 that literally all his music making team have ever been restored and put back in place to make new song.

Clairvoyantly, Elvis Girlfriend and Award Winning Songwriter Carol Connors gave John Krondes and the Elvis "Hit Team" a mystical song to record; written for Elvis the day he died. Elvis Presley's Memphis Studio Band "The Memphis Boys" cut the track last week in Nashville at Quad Recording with John Krondes. The "Original" Stamps along with Jim Murray and Armond Morales of the Imperials sweetened the song "You Loved My Night Away" with their distinct smooth vocal style.

Industry experts are still scratching their heads seeking an answer as to how this impossible dream came to life. That elucidation rests in the hands of John Belushi, the President of the Rock 'n Roll Heaven Commission. Belushi has sent praise from the pearly gates for the real life version of the Blues Brothers Mission by John Krondes and The Elvis "Hit Making Team" in putting the band back together.

Fans from all around the world are flocking to their calling in assisting the "Hit Making Team" in keeping the music alive. This extraordinary musical operation started by John Krondes and the Jordanaires has over the past two years led to participation by Elvis VIPs such as the TCB Band, Elvis Presley's Memphis Studio Band "The Memphis Boys", DJ Fontana, Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham, Elvis Horn Section, Joe Esposito, several Elvis Composers, arrangers, producers and the "original" Stamps and Imperials vocalists.

The powerful Risorgimento of the Elvis Presley music making operation has struck a harmonious chord in the hearts of music lovers the world over. Welcome to sunrise of the New Day where the Spirit of Elvis Breathes and the music marches on for yet another momentous Epoch.

Join the "Hit Making Team" mission of Keeping The Music Alive, register at our fan club at

The highly anticipated CD Compilation by John Krondes with the Elvis "Hit Team" will hit the airwaves in the coming months, stay tuned for Rock n Roll Updates. "The End" and other music by John Krondes and The Jordanaires is readily available at and ITunes.

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