Ground Breaking Book Offers Questions, Not Answers as a Way of Deeper Connection with Self

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There is a growing disconnect for many people between our day to day lives and inner reflection. The hectic nature of living in the new millennium leaves little time or energy for contemplative thought. Yet at some level, we all realize the importance of understanding our role in the universe and the purpose of our lives.

During some point in most individual’s journey through life, a spark of the mind will occur causing one to question and analyze life, in turn, unlocking a flood of inward contemplation. This age old experience of questioning – “Where do we come from?” “Who are we?” “Where are we going?” - is commonly considered existential thought. Largely concerned with the realms of ethics, politics, personal freedom and will, traditional existentialists will delve into a whole range of human experiences. Often these thought provoking insights lead to considerable influence on everything from psychology to the arts. Historical philosophers Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Nietzsche, were some of the groundbreakers in their time with their influence still visible today.

Loosely tracing the footsteps of many timeless philosophers, Gunnar Jensen, Danish born author of “What If…?” has revolutionized existentialism by bringing it into modern day, positioning these eternal questions back to the reader. Through this unique and brilliant approach, Jensen encourages his readers to become aware of their own beliefs and values. Covering thought provoking topics such as Time, Universe, Religion, Spirituality, Happiness, Trust, Perception, and Dreams, “What If…?” is an easy yet profound read that guarantees some degree of reflection in every reader.

Beginning in childhood, Jensen’s curious mind kept him intently interested in the big existential questions. “This led me to read plenty of books, many of which helped me considerably” explains Jensen. A few books left deep impressions, such as the Bible and “A Course in Miracles,” along with authors such as Danish born Martinus, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and James Redfield. Nonetheless, Jensen became increasingly frustrated as the books he was reading kept repeating themselves, stating exactly what the reader should do in order to live a happy life. “I wanted to write a book that didn’t give any answers to anything but one that would offer inspiration to curious and open-minded people” reveals Jensen. Seeing the need for a new approach, he penned “What If…?”

Feeling that each person has, within themselves, all the answers to the universal questions about life, Jensen encourages people to take time out of their daily lives for contemplation. When asked what he would say to someone struggling with finding the time to look within, Jensen replies “I would say that they should enjoy life, in all aspects, and be happy; but don’t forget to express gratitude for your life and try to take a little time once in a while to think about the whole of existence. This includes both life and death, and eternity. It would be very late to think about death when you are in your last moments of life. I think that if you clarify these issues earlier in your life, you will approach your last moments in a more relaxed way.”

Gunnar Jensen was born in a small town in the northern part of Denmark in 1954. Working for near 30 years in the IT Industry, Jensen recently made the decision leave the business sector and devote his time to writing pursuits. Jensen and Mexican born wife Roxana have two grown daughters, Kathrin and Anne. The happy couple still call Denmark their home and recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. “What If…?” (ISBN 3833443553) is published in English, Spanish, Danish, and German and can be purchased at online bookstores. For more information contact the website and Jensen’s blog


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