Len Snow Debuts in Top-20 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart; Snow Credits an Angel for His Success

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This week Len Snow's single record entered the Billboard Top-20 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Sales Charts. Snow's album is dedicated to Country Music Hall Of Fame member, Hank Snow. Len Snow Jr. credits his success to his Hall Of Fame hit maker producer Robert Metzgar and an angel on the highway. "Country's What I Choose" is the #20 single this week in the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart nationally.

This week Len Snow’s single record, “Country’s What I Choose,” made some history in the Billboard charts. He is the only country artist in the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Charts for the week of May 20th, 2006. His single release is #20 with a bullet this week in a host of pop acts with major label money behind them. Len, a country act from Toledo, Ohio gave all the credit for his new found Billboard success to an elderly black lady that he believes was just an angel sent to reassure him and his producer, Legends Hall of Fame hit maker Robert Metzgar that they are doing the right thing.

"Last weekend, we loaded up the car to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee and make some FYE store appearances at the mall before the concert at Mama’s Country in Lewisburg," Snow told entertainment editor Mikel Gore at Entertainment Headline News in Nashville. As they sped down the freeway toward their destination in the mall at Chattanooga, the artist and a car load of his supporters saw an elderly black lady kneeling beside her car on Interstate 24 about 2 miles from the nearest exit. She had her hands clasped together in prayer and her gray hair was glistening in the sunshine.

Even though they were late to their mall appearance, Lennie had his producer stop the car and get off at the next exit and go back to help her. As they pulled up behind the lady, who said she was from Nashville, she told Lennie that she was too old and weak to walk the 2 miles to the next exit. Her car had simply run out of the gas her limited income could afford. She had no gas and no money left to buy gas. She was on her way to visit her children and they were going to fill her car with gas when she got to Chattanooga.

Mr. Metzgar and Len Snow put her in the car with everyone, and the rest of the record label crew and took her to the exit. There they bought her gas and drove her back to her car. Snow & Metzgar put gas in, gave her $40.00 cash for more gas, and got the car started for her.

The elderly black lady asked the two men if she could say a prayer for them. There on the side of Interstate 24, they all took hands. She was so grateful that we had stopped to help her out. She said, “What do you boys want me to pray for.” Lenny said, “Pray that my record will come in the Billboard charts this week.” On Monday after that prayer, Billboard magazine in New York called to tell us that the record was in the charts.

“I guess that money we left her to get a tank of gas paid off after all,” producer Robert Metzgar said this week. "Len Snow, Jr. is working like no other country act I’ve seen in years. He reminds me so much of Garth Brooks when he first started out. Len will stay until the last person has their CD signed, their picture is taken with him and he doesn’t care if it’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning, his fans are the most important things in the world for him.

Len is from Toledo and he supports a wonderful charity in Toledo, Ohio. Not only is he a charitable man, but a spiritual man as well. He never ceases to amaze me at how many impoverished people he helps through his concerts and giving heart. So, being surrounded by all those pop acts in the charts is great. It just goes to show you, that if enough fans support you, you can accomplish anything in this music business. We deeply appreciate all the support we have gotten from country music writer Brian Dugger and The Toledo Blade Newspaper. They have really supported me in my home town. *See http://www.theblade.com

We’ll just keep on working with all our music fans to see if we can compete with all the big money artists on our way to new found success. “I owe it all to the good Lord anyway.” Len says as they get in the car and leave to go to their next stop on the road. If there is one artist that is doing it the way it used to be done by going to radio stations, malls, and shaking every hand of every person he meets at his shows, it's this country artist. You can see Len Snow in person at Fan Fair 2006 on June 7-8-9-10.

For further information on purchasing tickets for Fan Fair, contact the following:

Fan Fair Tickets


One Music Circle South

Nashville, TN 37203

800-788-3045 (toll free)

615-244-2840 (wk)

615-726-0314 (fax)


Len Snow


1214 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212-2902

800-767-4984 (toll free)

615-321-0600 (wk)

615-321-0182 (fax)


Robert Metzgar, GM


1214 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212-2902

800-767-4984 (toll free)

615-321-0600 (wk)

615-321-0182 (fax)


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