Top 10 Vacations Where a Satellite Phone Could Save Your Life

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All Road Communications, America's Number 1 Satellite Phone Rental Provider, releases it's Annual list of the Top 10 Vacations where Satellite Phones could make a difference between life & death.

San Diego based All Road Communications, , America's Number 1 satellite phone rental and sales provider, announces the top 10 vacations where a satellite phone is not a luxury, but a necessity:

1 - Fishing in Alaska

If you get caught in the perfect storm whilst fishing in Alaska, then the only people who will be able to 'hear you now' will be those you call with your satellite phone.

2 - Hiking the Grand Canyon

You may be in Arizona, but the Grand Canyon is not in Phoenix. If you loose a fight with a rock slide you can forget about 'raising the bar', the only bars to get you out of the hole will come from an Iridium or Globalstar satellite phone.

3 - Driving the Baja 1000

Off-Roaders like Team Renezeder, , love to high tail it through the Mexican desert in 100 degree heat but, you will never be able to 'talk it up' with your chase team and get a gear box replaced quick sharp, unless you have a satellite phone.

4 - Taking a Carribean Cruise

If you want to reach out and touch someone from a cruise ship then 'Ship to Shore' rates will set you back as much as $12 a minute, and you can forget about free nights and weekends. Be wise and save up to $11 a minute with a sat phone.

5 - Hunting in Africa

If you break a leg whilst hunting big game you will soon be surrounded by Lions and Tigers, you could talk to them about being 'fair and flexible' but chances are that won't save your hide. A sat phone gets your rear out of harms way.

6 - Dakar Rally

Between Lisbon, Portugal and Dakar, Senegal, there are plenty of opportunities to get a flat. The one way to 'Get Connected' is with a satellite phone.

7 - Climbing Everest

At the top of the world, a sat phone is the only way to brag to your friends.

8 - Whitbread Round the World

When sailing the globe you can run into many obstacles, mostly weather related of course. Building a yacht to enter the race $2,000,000, entrance fee $500, having a satellite phone to call for help when you capsize, priceless!

9 - Going to Atlantis

Atlantis is not a fictional place, but one of the hottest resorts in the Bahamas, but one fantasy that most US cell phone carriers purvey is that their phones work down there, sorry folks, reality bites.

10 - Crossing the Antarctic

If Robert F Scott had been able to use a sat phone he would have been able to keep up with Amundsen's progress, and maybe beaten him to the pole. With both voice and data capabilities, a satellite phone keeps you connected when others are merely lost.

All Road Communications rents Globalstar satellite phones from just $19.49 per week, and Iridium satellite phones from just $34.99 per week.

All Road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Road can deliver your phone the same day you order it if necessary, or will ship your phone anywhere on earth and get it there on time, guaranteed.

Call All Road anytime to order, or for a free quote, for your personal or business needs at 1-888-884-7623 or by direct dial at USA 619-596-4574, or order online at


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