Foam Bag Love Sack: The Alternative Comfortable Furniture

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What is a lovesac? What is a foam bag? Why are they so popular and what is this mad craze all about? Just another giant bean bag chair? Find out for yourself. just released its brand new website. What is a foam bag? A foam bag is a large bean bag like chair. The difference between a large bean bag and a large foam bag is the filling. Your regular bean bag is filled with Virgin Beads, which are round "BB" like particles of popped polystyrene (same material as packing peanuts). Foam Bags are filled with high-quality shredded foam.

Why is foam more comfortable?

Have you ever owned a normal bean bag chair? The “beans” inside bean bag chairs eventually get smashed and flat, never regaining their original shape and size. Frequently used bean bag chairs must be refilled every couple years for the bean bag chair to maintain its “fluff”. Bean bags are fun, but are more like sitting on a hard sponge than a “comfortable” chair. Foam on the other hand, won’t go flat and will always naturally fluff back up. It is not necessary to ever refill a foam bag. Plus, foam is much more comfortable to sit on than “beans”.

The Lovesac generation

Lovesac is the original and brilliant creator of the first foam bag. The first love sacks were made in a humble home. After gaining popularity, the love sack craze fled nation wide. Everybody desired to sit on these comfortable foam filled lovesacks. The first luv sacs made ran around $150 for the large 6 foot bags 7 years ago, but after they became popular, and the demand grew, the price jumped to over $400. Surely the product was improved, but was the dramatic price increase necessary? Lovesac grew like wild fire with store popping up across the nation, but did they grow too fast? Was that the cause of their bankruptcy?

The Lovesac Bankruptcy

What caused lovesac to go bankrupt? Probably the owners, friends of owners, and select employees will know the whole truth, but there is much speculation as to the causes. With an overpriced product that wasn’t patented, and a company growing faster than mold on stale cheese, it just might have been too good to be true for owners. Lovesac knockoffs started popping up like wild flies. Entrepreneurs’ eyes all over got big and bulgy. They did their research and realized the cost to produce these magnificent foam bags, and jumped all over it. Soon there were a half dozen other brands to select from, that were the same quality only customers could save over $100 per bag. “Wild flies” are still popping up and multiplying like rabbits, which is great for the consumer, but with every new knock-off, the price of this product will continue to decrease. Luvsac knock-offs are and will continue to have to sell more bags to make the same amount of money.


Lovesac makes a great product, but when you buy a Love Sac, you are paying for a brand name like Polo or Nike. That’s not necessary a bad or vain thing. Some people like their white shirt to say “GAP”, and others could care less what it says, as long as they have an equal quality white t-shirt. So if you are someone that would like to save a $100 or more to spend elsewhere, then is your foam bag source – compare foam bags yourself.


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