Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Explains Why Travel Agents Don't Fly Planes and Clean Hotels

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California based Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino explains why thousands are throwing away money every day in the home based business arena. Early in his travel career, he recognized why so many fail and only a handful ever make a dime. He clearly explains the flaws in the often duplicated business model that cause the majority to crash and burn and he offers a simple solution that is a no-brainer to many.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino wondered why so few had success with starting a home based business and it dawned on him; "We were asking people who never owned a successful business before to learn a whole new set of skills like prospecting, following up, overcoming objections, closing, collecting money, accounting, ordering product and training new associates. It's no wonder why 95% of the people who buy into that business model fail."

Marino realized early in his career with the top rated home based business, that we all live in a world of specialists. The Fed-Ex driver does not fly the plane or sort packages. Your podiatrist does not perform heart surgery or practice dentistry

The top level California based Director brought his experience of over 22 years in the auto finance industry with him to Coastal Vacations. He quickly realized the inefficiency of the prominent business model that existed when he started his new travel business.

In his former business, the system of having one salesperson complete all the steps to retailing an automobile has given way to a series of specialists because it is a much more efficient system. Larger dealers employ low level salespeople who will begin the process. Later the customer will meet an assistant sales manager (or closer) who will work out the details of the sale with a sales manager. Once an agreement is worked out that is acceptable to the dealer and customer, the paperwork and customer will meet a finance specialist who will complete lease or loan documents and vehicle registration forms. Mega dealers may add specialists to explain the functions of the vehicle before the customer drives off and other specialists to follow up with those who do not buy on their first visit.

Like in his former career, Marino has seen dramatic results when new home based business owners were relieved of the task of having to master a long list of skills all at once. His business model allows larger numbers to have success because of it's simplicity. Marino's members have success by learning specialized knowledge rather than having to master everything. Specialists handle many of the details.

New business owners are taught specialized knowledge in marketing and advertising and later help pass that knowledge on to new members. They are not required to perform presentations, follow up, ask for the money and close sales. Account executives handle that part of the business for them and send them a check for each sale completed. Employees also ship the travel packages to new members and they also plug those new members into the robust training website and live training so they can start learning to market effectively.

Marino utilizes a hybrid Coastal Vacations business model that has revolutionized the entire home based business industry because of the maximum support the system provides. He explained that there is no substitute for a dedicated sponsor. That is why the top Level 3 Director works his business full time.

Marino does not market other products. He attends all the official Coastal Vacations events and is very involved with the largest and most successful group in the program. He hosts live and recorded training calls and prospect Q&A conference calls each week. He answers his own phone and is available for private consultation with his group members 7 days a week. In fact, Marino often jokes that his phone is only turned off when he is in church, in a movie, or on a plane. He explained; "My group members have made a commitment to me and I am dedicated to providing all the support."

Those who join Coastal Vacations with Marino, don't just get his personal mentoring, but also get massive support from the ultra-successful business model he joined over a year ago. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center provides the maximum support possible and they continue to add cutting edge tools to their ever improving system.

Support is the key to Coastal Vacations success and while Dean Marino offers the same great travel products with a 27 year track record for quality, the support system he provides is head and shoulders above the rest. A robust training website with hours and hours of audio, video, and written training. Live training calls are provided each week and prospect Q&A conference calls that explain Marino's maximum support system are provided 4 days a week.

The plug and play ready marketing system can be up and running almost immediately when new members come aboard. Live support is provided by Marino 7 days a week and the live staff members at the Sales Center are available at least 5 days a week.

Learn more about the pathway to success created by Dean Marino and the maximum support he provides personally and through the ultra-successful system he utilizes at

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