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Share Article, the leader in collaborative financial services accountability on the Internet, today announced that for a limited time, investors who join will get free lifetime premium memberships valued at $60 a year. which provides the premier Internet platform for investors to collaboratively monitor the services provided by financial advisors and their firms is once again showing how committed they are in empowering investors to help protect themselves and the nest eggs they work so hard to build.

According to the founder and CEO of, Nothing makes an investor’s blood run cold quite like the financial advisor who decides not to return phone calls or properly service client accounts when problems arise. The misery of the damage is only compounded by the misery of finding and hiring a new financial advisor while desperately trying to avoid the “Sales Trap Speech” in which advisors promise the best service ever! Shortly thereafter, the advisor places the client on the “C” list and forgets all about them. Consumers have community websites allowing them to rate restaurants, mechanics, construction companies, hairdressers and so on, but none these services have control and influence over one’s nest egg. If you eat at a restaurant and get bad service or food, you simply don’t go back. However, if your financial advisor gives you bad advice or service, you don’t retire when you want or send the kids to college. We are the only service bringing investors together - allowing them to communicate - creating a firewall of protection by utilizing each other.

I can assure you investors are fed-up! They are tired of being lied to so they’re starting to take action by sharing their concerns and experiences with other investors. We are proud to say this is taking place through I recently received an email from a member asking if I would join him for a cup of coffee, which I accepted. He asked, “What Starbucks would you like to meet at? I laughed - If you live in the Seattle Puget Sound area you know what I mean - because just that morning as I was sitting in front of my computer drinking my coffee I was thinking to myself what a phenomenal job Starbucks has done with branding.

When people think coffee, they think “Starbucks.” Well, when investors think about investments…I want them to think of as their trusted partner. It was truly a pleasure to sit and talk with this member who was retired and financially well off. He wanted to personally thank me and shake my hand for creating He shared with me that he has been buying municipal bonds for 15 years and never knew he was paying a markup and losing yield, which was costing him thousands in annual income until reading our Inside Scoop. He was already paying his advisor over $5,000 a year in a managed account. I thanked him for tracking me down and personally sharing his success. It’s nice to get the amount of positive feedback we get vs. the few emails wishing us ill, but I know who is sending those emails…the unethical who will be exposed by investors on!

It’s your nest egg - Own it. Know it. Protect it.

Full Disclosure Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2005 to enable investors to keep their advisors and financial consulting firms accountable. Investors can rate the service provided by their advisors, and share their experiences with other investors. Investors are now empowered to hold financial advisors and institutions accountable. We exist for investors, and our creation evolved because of the numerous financial advisors, and brokerage firms who continue unethical business conduct with their clients.


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