Christian Activist Group Calls For Boycott Of Sony Products Over Controversy Surrounding the “Da Vinci Code” Movie

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The May 19th Da Vinci Code movie is creating a huge controversy among Christians. is suggesting a novel response: boycott Sony corporation's consumer products and stock in retaliation for producing and distributing the movie. This article also explains why Christians are enraged by the movie and book.

The upcoming May 19th release of “The Da Vinci Code” movie based on the blockbuster novel by Dan Brown is continuing to stir great controversy. A Christian activist group called ChristianBoycott.Org is calling for a boycott on all Sony Corporation products for producing and distributing a movie based on a book that they say is bigoted against Christians and deliberately attacks the very heart of Christianity.

Mark Brown, a member of the group, said “Why should American Christians financially reward a Japanese company that virulently attacks our most cherished beliefs with proven lies and deception? It’s absurd. We will move our purchasing dollars to a Microsoft Xbox 360, Dell laptop or a Samsung HDTV, or buy from the hundreds of other companies that don’t attack our faith to make money. We also recommend Christian investors dump Sony stock and invest in Christian friendly companies.”

Brown claims that every Christian they convince to move their purchase of a high end Sony electronics device to another brand, negates the revenue of literally hundreds of Da Vinci Code movie tickets. With roughly 85% of the U.S. population being self described as Christian, that’s a lot of potential lost business for Sony in their most lucrative foreign market.

“Let the atheists and conspiracy theorists out there buy Sony products. Christians don’t need to take this abuse. The bottom line is that the wild assertions made in the book and claimed as “factual” by Dan Brown, in the book’s forward and several interviews, are a complete and total sham,” he said.

But what is really wrong with the story that has Christians so angry? The main point the group takes issue with is the claim that the “Priory Of Sion” held the secret that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child. Brown says the story also lays the groundwork that attempts to cast doubt on Jesus’ divinity, the central tenant of Christianity, as well as the veracity of the Gospels in the New Testament.

The group says that the Priory Of Sion, described in the Da Vinci Code as being one of the “oldest secret societies in the world” and kept the secret of Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene and having a child, was actually invented in the 1960’s by a French, pro-Nazi, anti-Semite named Pierre Plantard. He forged the “secret” documents and planted them in the National Library of Paris in an attempt to convince people he was in the bloodline of Jesus Christ and heir to the French monarchy.

Plantard was convicted and imprisoned in France for fraud and embezzlement. It was recently exposed that Plantard is one of Dan Brown’s main sources for the historical research of the Da Vinci Code novel.

“There are so many absurd allegations in the book that Dan Brown claims as fact. We expose the truth about several of them on ChristianBoycott.Org,” said Brown.

Brown went on to say that, “We have come to the conclusion based on a simple fact check of the Da Vinci Code that anyone who actually believes the assertions made in the book are either simply ignorant, or too lazy to investigate the historical facts. Trying to assert that the Code is factual is like trying to say that the Holocaust never happened. It is just pure historical fantasy. It is shocking how many people actually believe the fabrications in Dan Brown’s novel.”

So who really cares what a fictional writer writes in his novel? Should it really matter to Christians? The group claims it should; “Jewish groups would be in an uproar, and rightly so, if there was a bestselling book and movie out there claiming that the Holocaust never happened and Hitler was a misunderstood philanthropist. There should be an equal uproar over the spreading of vitriolic lies about Christianity in pop culture.”

So why not just boycott the book and movie? Why should Christians take action directly at Sony? “I don’t recommend that Christians give Dan Brown one red cent for his novel or movie, however a boycott on Sony will be far more effective. Sony is uniquely vulnerable because they sell billions of dollars worth of products to American Christians, and have countless Christian shareholders. It also sends a firm message to all big corporations that if they choose to abuse Christians, they will pay a serious financial price,” said Brown.

Dan Brown, author of the “Da Vinci Code”, and the Sony corporation could not be reached for comment.


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