Major Findings Relating PMS to The Subconscious: New Statistics Revealing The Major Pains Women Suffer While in their Menstrual Cycles

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Pauline Houle, therapist and author, slays the PMS beast in her just-released English version of My Beauty and My Beast -- Mind, Body and PMS.

Pauline Houle, therapist and author, slays the PMS beast in her just-released English version of My Beauty and My Beast -- Mind, Body and PMS.

“PMS is the beast that eats at you for up to half of the month!” said Houle, “…and many women face additional stress because of the impact that PMS has on their relationships and their careers.” Houle added.

Here are the major findings from her surveys.

As regards Nervous Tension: 83% go through mood swings; 78% feel they are more irritable during their PMS; 67% feel more anxiety; 43% have insomnia.

As regards Cravings: 60% have Increased appetite or cravings for sweets; 40% heart palpitations; 22% dizziness.

As regards Depression: 70% diffused emotions; 43% forgetfulness; 42% lack of concentration.

As regards our Body Sensitiveness: 70% swelling of extremities; 62% bloating; 34% weight gain or water retention; 46% breast tenderness.

As regards Compensatory Behaviours: 23% feel the need for beauty care; 22% are prone to shopping; 15% buy compulsively; 65% have the impression to look for a fight; 45% have increase energy and increased need to clean up.

Now, regarding women who felt the need to Consult a physician: 55% do believe they have a menstrual problem; 45% do not believe they have any menstrual problem; 52% have felt the need to consult someone in the medical field; 48% did not feel the need to consult anyone; 43% say that medication have helped them for a while; 57% of women to whom a medication was prescribed said it did not help them.

To what do women believe their PMS is the cause of, or to what realm does it fit? 53% think their PMS is linked to an emotional weakness; 37% think their PMS is due to a physical weakness. However, 68% believe their PMS is both physical and emotional.

And finally, do women feel free to have sex while menstruating? 47% say they are not at ease to have sex in that time of the month; 56% say they are totally at ease.

Houle promotes that PMS should become a trigger to change.

Her book My Beauty & My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS will guide every woman to explore her own symptoms and get to the core of their intimate history.

  • Josee put an end to her devastating shopping sprees.
  • Carmen stopped months of daily bleeding.
  • Diane understood why she cried one month and was angry the next one.
  • Shanna got rid of her painful ovulation.

And so on, and on, and on…

Fifteen years ago when Pauline Houle embarked on a quest to heal her own PMS, she found astounding information she is now passing along to all women who suffer from PMS.

Houle discovered that PMS symptoms are almost always related to unresolved emotional or psychological issues in a woman's life. She further found that when the connection to the emotional reality is made, these symptoms disappear.

Understanding this Mind-Body connection, and how to work through the issues that manifest themselves as PMS symptoms, is what has changed the lives of so many women who have read her book.

My Beauty and My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS is now available in English and is accompanied by a workbook and questionnaires/exercises that lead women through their symptoms and their own healing and solutions.

Women who have read the book, and who have followed the plan that Houle reveals, report that PMS-related symptoms including, migraines, cramps, emotional disturbances, painful symptoms of all kinds and confusion simply disappear.

Women who want to visit her book can do so at:

About Pauline Houle

Pauline Houle is Therapist with 20 years experience and a background in Social Work and Psychodynamic trainings that really make a difference in people’s lives. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies, which has been a great help in keeping her focused on the big picture of PMS and what women need to know in order to cure it.

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