Alien/Human/Hybrid Children Celebrate Mother's Day

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Alien Secrets Investigations releases article about how children, offspring from women who feel they were abducted by extraterrestrials, celebrated Mother’s Day this year, just like everyone else.

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Inside the UFO subculture there are many mothers who believe they gave birth to a Human/Alien/Hybrid child. Many legitimate psychologists, authors and experts in the UFO field have been seriously looking into this phenomenon. Medically unexplainable disappearances of embryos from the womb have intrigued doctors in every country. Within the UFO community, abductees and those who study this phenomenon believe it’s all part of a Human Hybrid Program. These mothers have in many cases been shown their Hybrid children, and in a few rare cases, they have been allowed to keep them and raise them at home. Many of the mothers that had their children taken away by the aliens, continue to be traumatized. But there are some families living happily within our communities that are perfectly comfortable with the whole idea. Last weekend they celebrated Mother’s Day just like any other mom.

ASI, Alien Secrets Investigations, a division of, received a cheerful email form one of the UFO abductees that is in contact with the group. She wanted to share the news about her son, who she strongly believes is an Indigo/ Hybrid, and was organizing a Mother's Day picnic with other children who he had met and believed they were either Indigo or Hybrid. These kids who are incredibly smart and seem to be connected in a unique way, have formed a club to share their experiences. Another mother, who wishes to be anonymous, sent an email sharing her belief, “If my son is a Hybrid, and I have reason to believe he is, there is nothing about him that is not Human. He is not green, he doesn’t have antennas and he is like every kid on the block. Everyone on earth comes from a different genetic pool, we are all the same."

Soon to be released worldwide, is a film that deals with the Human/Hybrid subject. “Alien Secrets”, directed by J.J. Barmettler, is on the surface an adventurous parody of a UFO Investigator’s real life investigations. However, allot of the information about Hybrids revealed in the film is delivered by authentic experts in the UFO field and women who are certain they have been abducted by aliens. The producers of the film have created a movie that is lighthearted, fun and packed with information about Alien/Human/Hybrids. At the same time, they have taken great care in not to make fun of the actual people who share their life’s experiences.

"Alien Secrets" is designed to introduce the general public to the hidden secrets kept inside the UFO underground. The general public might perceive it as a mockumentary, since most people will find it difficult to embrace the possibility, that there could be extraterrestrials, and will only value this information as a joke. But those who are in the know will see the film and recognize the truth.

A special edition of the film is available to the UFO underground and curious aficionados for a sneak peek glance, to let everyone in on the secret behind the secret. The Limited Edition DVD can be found at: (link to: Customflix is a division of

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