OneView Streamlines Network Monitoring

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The new OneView portal provides a single point of access to all Crannog network monitoring applications and even those of other vendors, starting with the new, enhanced, version of Crannog’s award-winning NetFlow Tracker.

Crannog Software, the fast-rising vendor of network monitoring software, today announced the launch of the OneView application management portal, which unites all Crannog applications under a single management interface for the first time. The launch of OneView coincides with the release of NetFlow Tracker V2.1, which includes enhanced portal features.

Crannog OneView is a dynamic portal that gives network managers and others with responsibility for administration, security, support and convergence, a single and highly-configurable point of access for all their network monitoring applications, so they can quickly get to the information they need.

By uniting and streamlining Crannog’s network monitoring applications, Crannog OneView enables users to get even better performance and value from their various NetFlow Tracker, ResponseWatch and NetWhere implementations. If required, OneView can even provide the same centralised access to applications of other vendors. OneView simplifies the management of multiple installations of NetFlow Tracker, bringing them all together through one interface, with secure, controlled access to Tracker and NetWhere servers and other web-based applications, via a single sign-on.

Key features of OneView:

Single point of access

Instead of having to log in to all product installations separately, OneView bypasses the NetFlow Tracker and NetWhere login screens, to give users a single log-in and starting screen, from which the information they need can be accessed.

Authentication and Access Control

Once users log into OneView they see a customised cross-section of the network, based on their group membership or individual access rights.

Customised views

Administrators can build pages using elements from different installations and products and assign them to users and groups.

Mediated reports for multiple NetFlow Tracker installations

With multiple installations of NetFlow Tracker brought together in OneView, reports can draw data from individual Trackers and display them in one report.

Crannog Software CTO, Mike McGrath, commented: “When we launched NetWatch seven years ago, it was widely praised for its presentation and the clarity of its front end. Since then, we have focused our development efforts on increasing the power of our applications by drawing on new data sources, such as IP SLA, NetFlow and NBAR. As a result, the applications have acquired the look and feel of specialist technical tools, limiting their appeal and usefulness to non-technical audiences. With OneView and Tracker we have now reached the point in our long-term development strategy where we are ready to apply the same production values to our products’ user interfaces. OneView and Tracker are therefore leading the way in delivering what will be an integrated suite of applications, whose look and feel is as much attuned to the needs of the business audience, as the technical user.”

New Features in NetFlow Tracker V2.1

Traffic identification

Uses modular QoS on existing routers or Packeteer to overcome the inherent limitation of NetFlow that only allows it to record application ports. Tracker will record and display traffic identification provided by deep packet inspection.

Executive summaries

A new front-end to make data more accessible. Provides customised, multi-item reports that can be tailored to the intended audience.

Network overview

A new view of existing report information that offers more freedom through interactive, context sensitive menus

Customisable home page

In conjunction with executive summaries, each user can be assigned a default start page with actual data instead of a bland options menu.


Delivers long-term forensics. Expired real-time data can be archived to another storage system and can be remounted for reporting purposes.

OneView will be made available gratis to all existing customers with more than one Crannog application and will also feature in a Summer sales promotion with ResponseWatch. Application pricing changed from per-server to per-device with effect from April 1st.

CEO Philip Harragan commented: “Crannog applications have gained a hard-won reputation for providing excellent, if somewhat niche, tools for network managers. OneView is going to change that, as we make it possible for non-technical management to see clearly-presented network performance information in a form they can readily understand, while still giving our technical audience the detail it needs.” He added: “Changing our pricing structure means we can now make our products available to a wider market and still remain competitive in what is an increasingly aggressive environment.”

About Crannog Software

Founded in 1998 and privately funded, Crannog Software specialises in the development and marketing of network monitoring tools, helping business users of IT to measure and monitor the performance of their network resources, across local and wide area links. Crannog Software's customer base includes many high-profile customers such as Intel, IBM, Schering Plough, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, eircom, United Nations, Honda R&D America, Commerzbank, British Telecom, Lufthansa Systems and Bank of Ireland.

Crannog Software’s NetFlow Tracker, version number 2.03A, has met the Cisco Technology Developer Program Partner criteria for interoperability with the Cisco IOS Software NetFlow.

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