The Rain has Stopped but Beware of the Toxic Black Mold

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The northeast has been hit hard this week from torrential downpours and all time record levels of rain. The rain has stopped but a sleeping giant awaits those who have been plagued with wet basements, "Toxic Black Mold."

The northeast has been hit hard this week from torrential downpours and all time record levels of rain. More than a foot of rain fell across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine between Friday and Tuesday with reports of up to 17 inches in some locations.

Brian Burns, from Kennebunk, Maine, has a basement that is filled with over 3 feet of water. “The water in my basement is actually moving, there is a current and the water is unstoppable,” Burns reported. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and many people will have flooded or wet basements in all areas of the country. Black mold can occur anywhere there is high humidity.

In Comes The Mold

Molds (sometimes referred to as black molds, even though mold can come in a variety of colors) can cause a wide array of adverse responses in humans depending on the type and quantity that is present. However, these are not the lone factors when considering the health affects to mold exposure. Mold causes strong allergic reactions in many people. If the mold level is high enough in the home, or if those exposed have vulnerable immune systems (e.g. children, elderly), it can also cause neurological effects. According to a 1999 Mayo Clinic Study, nearly all chronic sinus infections (afflicting 37 million Americans) are a result of molds.


The Toxic Black Mold Information Center lists “controlling the humidity levels” as the number one prevention of this sometimes overlooked danger. Dehumidifiers will control the humidity level, which will help minimize toxic mold and other microbiological contaminates.

Paul Carpenter, President of Sinol USA, and a resident of Connecticut was spared the horrific flooding but many of his neighbors have wet basements. “Toxic Black Mold is a sleeping giant,” Carpenter reported. “You don’t have to be in a flood situation for this problem to occur. Tiffany Perkins called me yesterday from her home in San Diego and has had major health problems for years from living in a house plagued with Toxic Black Mold.” Fortunately for Ms. Perkins, her Doctor gave her Sinol Nasal spray and she feels symptom free and can get back to her usual daily routines without the headaches, allergies and sinus problems.

“Sinol nasal spray is the perfect anecdote for this type of problem,” Carpenter added. Sinol is all natural and made with capsaicin; the pungent substance found in hot peppers and is clinically proven to reduce allergy, headache and sinus problems. Sinol doesn’t burn but actually desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose and sinuses to relieve the allergy, headache and sinus symptoms. Sinol also has bacteria fighting ingredients to keep the nose and sinuses clean. Sinol is available at

The rain has subsided but the long term effects will be felt by many of those who have been hit by the devastating weather. Call your local health department for more information on preventing "Toxic Black Mold" or go to the website.


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