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HealthFrame 2.0 delivers decision support tools and services to healthcare consumers.

Records For Living, Inc. is announcing the availability of HealthFrameTM 2.0 -- a consumer-controlled personal health record management system and service portal.

HealthFrameTM 2.0 supports all aspects of health and wellness management by allowing consumers to track their health and care records and expenses, access consumer-oriented medical reference and decision support information, and improve the quality of the health services they receive.

“HealthFrameTM 2.0 is a unique personal health management solution that enables consumers to track their own health information while bringing Internet-enabled services to the user’s desktop,” says Simone L. Pringle, president of Records For Living, Inc. “HealthFrameTM 2.0 uses proprietary content relevance matching technology to deliver relevant healthcare content and services based on user specifications. This product enables individuals to access the information they need, when they need it, so that they can make informed healthcare choices.”

HealthFrameTM 2.0 fills an important need for today’s health care consumers, who need better tools assist them in their medical decision-making. In particular, people who participate in consumer-directed healthcare (CDHC) insurance products -- such as health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts -- require access to relevant cost, quality and medical outcome data to support their care decisions.

“CDHC products represent a significant advancement in the health insurance industry because they enable individuals to control their health care -- and the costs of that care – to a greater degree than ever before,” notes Pringle. “But consumers need assistance in understanding the implications of their health care choices. Consumers quickly find that greater control over health care expenditures creates a corresponding need for tools to support their decision making so that they can maximize the value of their health care dollars.”

HealthFrame™ 2.0 Features

HealthFrame™ 2.0 helps consumers by consolidating information related to their health and medical care and providing powerful decision support tools to optimize their health care decisions.

The product enables consumers to consolidate and track data related to patient demographics, family history, providers, and insurance information. It also tracks data related to preventive care, diagnoses and conditions, medication use, health care encounters and laboratory test results. Users can create customized charts related to health status and can generate reports on medical history and expenses.

HealthFrameTM 2.0 includes an expanded built-in medical reference library that provides definitions of medical terms and care information such as approved clinical indications for medication use. Other reference information includes hospital-specific data such as treatment costs, mortality rates, and length of stay. US government medical cost and outcome databases are built in to the software, allowing consumers to access tables and graphs indicating costs, mortality rates, and other statistical quality measures for a broad spectrum of conditions and treatments. Additionally, users can access extensive content from reputable Internet sites in order to gather relevant, accurate information related to their health.

Furthermore, an enhanced expense tracking function helps consumers maintain greater understanding and control over their health care expenditures in order to ensure that they are getting value for their health care dollar.

Additional enhancements to HealthFrame 2.0 include:

  •      Tracking of medical devices
  •     Tracking of advance directives
  •     Extensive customization support (graphs, reports, content views and forms)
  •     User-defined graphs, including overlaying of different test results (e.g. weight, cholesterol, blood pressure -- all on one graph)
  •     Fully-integrated linking support, including web links, file attachments, etc., allowing any element in the personal health record to be related to any other record

HealthFrameTM 2.0 also has the ability to merge imported personal health records, a practical enhancement that supports the consolidation of health care information gathered by multiple caregivers, such as parents caring for children and children sharing in the care of elderly parents.

Continuity of Care Record

Hurricane Katrina underscored the danger inherent in our health care industry’s lack of coordinated information systems. In the aftermath of even minor events, patients have no guarantee that all of their medical information, including life-critical medication instructions, will be available to medical providers -- virtually ensuring a disruption in continuity of care.

To support the consolidation and easy transmission of all of a patient’s health information, HealthFrameTM 2.0 supports the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) industry standard. The CCR standard is an international standard designed to organize and make transportable a set of basic information about a patient's health care in a manner that is accessible to both clinicians and patients. Developed by American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) and backed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the CCR incorporates the most relevant administrative, demographic, and clinical information facts about a patient's health.

Because HealthFrameTM 2.0 incorporates the CCR standard, users will be able to exchange their medical records with a number of compliant medical record systems. Users can import electronic records from, or send electronic records to, modern electronic medical records systems as well as a host of new CCR-based services. Users can also exchange medical records with provider systems compliant with the CCR standard, and upload their medical records for emergency use.

HealthFrameTM 2.0 also incorporates the Commons eXchange Protocol (CXP), an Internet-based public domain transfer protocol for connecting any patient to any health care provider.


HealthFrame TM 2.0 may be purchased from starting at $39.95.

About Records For Living, Inc.

Records For Living, Inc. is a pioneer in the personal health information management industry. Records For Living, Inc. has released HealthFrameTM as an innovative solution to personal health management. Records For Living, Inc. also provides professional services to our health care provider partners to support the improved exchange of medical record information between providers and patients.

Records For Living, Inc. may be reached on the World Wide Web at .


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