A New Surf and Trek Resort Opens in One of the Best Surf Spots in the World: The Mentawais

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The island of Siberut, the largest of the Mentawai Archipelago, now offers all services for Surfers and Trekkers, with guaranted departures every Monday.

Formerly devoid of tourism facilities, the island of Siberut, the largest of the Mentawai Archipelago, situated off the Sumatra west coasts, now offers all services for Surfers and Trekkers, with guaranted departures every Monday.

Mentawai Adventure Travel offers Surfing trips, Trekking tours and relaxing sojourns on a small paradise, with an emerald shaded waters lagoon and palm-fringed, white-sand, private beaches. Name it: it’s Siloinak, an islet situated 3 kilometers south of Siberut, property of Mentawai Adventure.

Want to see? Our web site mentawaiadventure.com will provide you with all the information you can imagine and plenty of nice pics.

Want to surf? Do we really need to tell you that the Mentawai Islands are one of the world’s most consistent surf destinations? If you surf, you already know that. The Mentawai are directly exposed to the Indian Ocean “roaring forties” swell.

From April to October, the dry season, surfers, from intermediate to advanced, (the place is not really beginner friendly) will find in the Mentawai the best surf experience of their lives, thanks to the quality of our surf guides. All born in the area, they learned to surf with the first pioneers who dared venture there, 10 years ago. They know all the best spots, according to swell, tide and winds.

With them, our guests surf far from the crowds (and ‘crowds’ is something of an overstatement) in a radius of 30 miles from Siloinak Resort; an area that includes 21 of the most consistent waves in the world. Some of the better known waves near the resort are: E- bay, Burgerworld, Beng-Beng, Bankvaults, Nipussi, Hideways, Nokandui, 4-bobs, A Frames, Kandui, Nokandui.

Our all-inclusive packages include all services, starting every Monday from Padang airport or hotel, ending every Wednesday at the same place.

Trekking - Want to share some days with one of the last people on earth who still preserve their shamanist neolithic culture? Organized in tight cooperation with certain Mentawai clans, our treks offer the opportunity to share the daily life of a Mentawai village deep in the equatorial forest.

The participants to our groups will learn how to manufacture a bow and arrow, how poison is used in arrows, how to find wild honey, make delicious bread from processed sawdust, catch fish in the river and many other things, amid laughter and the warmth of friendship. Acording to our guests, what make this trek so special is the perfect authenticity of the experience. They just share the Mentawai life as it is: a shamanist society still living in perfect symbiosis with Nature.

Sustainable development - The concept of Mentawai Adventure is to bridge, in a non intrusive way, the gap between an old traditional culture and the modern world. Our organization offers economic partnerships with guaranteed short and long term profitability to the Mentawai clans. These joint ventures offer them a reliable economic future and strengthen their social, family, and psychological structures.

Atabai School - Mentawai Adventure finances a school, which teaches young Mentawaians and sikerei the Indonesian language, arithmetic and English.

Forest jobs School - Our resort of Siloinak was built and is maintained by the Mentawaians according to their traditional techniques. Its construction, using only natural materials taken from the forest was one of the Forest jobs School’s first actions. The goal was to allow the Mentawaians to adapt their traditional techniques to the demands of modern tourism.

Ecotourism In the Siloinak Island resort - simple solar techniques will be used to generate the necessary energy for lighting, hot water and refrigeration. Our experimental program develops cheap rustic techniques of water treatment that could bring an answer to the Third World countries’ water problem in makeshift shantytowns and rural areas that can’t afford costly sewage systems.

Mentawai Adventure / Gilles Bordessoule mentawaiadventure.com Jl. Rawang 28 Padang Indonesia Tel +62 751 22 170 Fax +62 751 22 071.


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