Prospecting Training Company Promotes ‘ROI-Based’ Collaboration Partners

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Niche partner offerings help organizations increase sales through improved sales performance and shorter sales cycles.

JDH Group, Inc., a sales performance training company is pleased to announce a team of collaboration partner companies that re-enforce it’s go-to-market strategy of Blending Technology, Process & Best Practices to Achieve Superior Sales Results while assuring a measurable return on investmement.

JDH Group implements a Prospecting system and methodology across sales organizations that allows participants to gain access to more purchasing decision makers; C-level executives that normally don’t meet with sales people.

“We wanted to be able to offer additional Best-of-Breed solutions to our clients in line with each Key Sales Performance Indicators; individual gateways that directly affect the outcome of their sales process,” said Jeff Hardesty, President of JDH Group and developer of the X2 Sales System®. “Our training system deals directly with improving the competency of setting more ‘Top-down’ business appointments, which adds to the overall revenue result. Once that’s achieved, we can now point our clients to other solution providers to improve the customer procurement process and facilitate measurable improvement to the middle and back-end sales competencies.”

The JDH Group approach is a diagnostic one. During the evaluation process, they utilize a system that captures 20 performance indicators unique to a sales organization and diagnoses which critical competency (KPI) component should be trained to in order to provide the quickest path to the client’s overall revenue objective. Once that is understood diagnostically, it then becomes a process of securing a ‘Best-of-Breed’ solution provider to facilitate an individual KPI improvement that aligns activities and competencies to desired revenue.

As an example, JDH Group finds that most sales organizations do not have a ‘Real-time’ system to secure quality leads from a targeted prospect market, and 30-40% of traditional lead lists become extinct in a very short period of time. Broadlook Technologies has developed a patent pending system; Broadlook Profiler. It leverages the Internet as the largest and most dynamic information source available, providing a single interface to perform real-time research of company web sites and deep web sources to identify key contacts, influencers and opportunities. “Securing the minimum sales leads for my 2-Day Boot Camps has been a struggle for the majority of my clients”, Jeff Hardesty says. “Having a system that customizes lead criteria in real-time is much more productive and achieves a higher degree of result. In addition to supporting high appointment conversion ratios, having accurate prospect information flows through the sales process for higher Closing ratios, shorter sales Cycles and more Revenue per sale.”

Improving Closing ratios within a sales society is not just what you know about your prospect’s business objectives and how you communicate to their issues, but also what tools you have that support how your solutions will facilitate a company to their required end result; based on their financial critical success factors, not on your features and benefits. ROI-Calc is a Tool that quantifies the business results a sales person’s prospect will get from purchasing their product or service. Hardesty says, “Building a business case in internal prospect financial terms helps facilitate the sales process and takes any perceived marketing bias out of the equation; not to mention a huge differentiator from the competition.” Hardesty adds that that shortens sales cycles and raises Closing ratios.

Reference checking has traditionally been a manual process without a ‘Best Practice’ approach across all channels of sales. Point of Reference provides hosted reference management technology and outsource services which improve sales effectiveness, allow marketing to focus on higher value activities, and salespeople to easily search for and present the most relevant recorded reference insights to prospects in a few clicks. “Imagine being able to e-mail your prospect a 3rd Party customer interview segmented by industry, job title, problem/solution and/or product/service. And being able to reference a company wide library with a click of a button, that is definitely a measurable benefit for sales cycle and Closing ratios,” comments Hardesty.

Developing a sales commission plan conventionally lies on the responsibility desk of Sales, Finance, and IT departments, which conditionally only allows changes every 12 months or so. And in today’s climate of competition and change, it is paramount that a ‘World Class’ sales society has the flexibility to strategically align their compensation plan to their overall revenue objectives, even if it’s every quarter. Centive is the leader in on-demand sales compensation management. Centive Compel allows sales leadership to easily align commission plans to their product/service objectives while motivating sales reps to sell more. Compel allows sales executives more maneuverability while taking the burden off of the Finance and IT departments.

The Sant Corporation has developed unique software to evolve sales proposals from a cumbersome, vendor-centric marketing piece to a customized, customer-centric problem-solving tool that saves time and increases sales. Their suite of products quickly produces tailored proposals, RFP responses, presentations and other sales documents allowing sales professionals to spend more time on revenue generating activities.

Sales Employee turnover in activity-based sales organizations measures out to thousands if not millions of lost revenue each year. Omnia Group has developed a customized On-line characteristic profiler to help both management and recruits understand if the job at hand is the ‘Right fit’. Adding an intuitive tool for your criteria-based interview process helps recover the Hard-dollar costs of sales employee turnover and facilitates a stable sales culture.

About JDH Group, Inc.

JDH Group, Inc. was founded in 2004 with the mission of increasing performance for direct sales organizations. The X2 Sales System® trains to one objective; improving sales individuals Conversation-to-appointment ratio. This allows sales people to spend less time to achieve the necessary number of ‘Top-down’ business appointments to assure their monthly success.

They offer a no-risk Pilot program ( for companies to evaluate the results. Corporate universities and trainers are then certified to the Process and adopt the X2 system into their current Learning Management System. Customization via web technology and ongoing support by JDH Group enables sales leadership and corporate trainers to adapt the system over time to maintain high conversation conversion ratios and maximum revenue results.

Jeff Hardesty, developer of the X2 Sales System® offers a complimentary analysis of your sales organization performance metrics @

About Broadlook Technologies

Broadlook Technologies provides real-time Internet search products that are empowering sales & marketing professionals to find, aggregate, and prepare information to acquire knowledge about Companies, contacts and niche markets. Through real-time profiling of a company’s web presence you can acquire specific prospect candidates or new clients to engage with immediately in a very Knowledgeable and cost-effective manner.

Broadlook's products integrate with over 100 CRM applications, streamlining the demand generation and sales process from identifying suspects to closing the order.

About Point of Reference

Point of Reference is a provider of hosted reference management technology and outsource services which improve sales effectiveness, allow marketing to focus on higher value activities, and dramatically reduce the risk of reference burnout.

To preserve, protect and make immediately available your most valuable sales resource---your customers---we build and host a library of unscripted, candid audio or video reference interviews. Salespeople can easily search for and present the most relevant recorded reference insights to prospects in a few clicks.

About Centive

Centive is the leader in on-demand sales compensation management. Companies use Centive Compel to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses and gain real-time visibility into sales performance metrics. As an on-demand subscription service, Compel is a cost effective solution that allows executives to be strategic and sales reps to stay motivated and focused on selling.

About ROI-Calc

ROI-Calc ‘Quantifies’ the business results your prospective customers will get from purchasing your product or service. We create customized interactive flash-based calculators and other tools to help you build the “Business case” your customer needs to get the internal support necessary to buy from you.

Focusing on Key Financial Performance Indicators in your sales process increases your profits by accelerating sales cycles, reducing customer ‘no decisions’ rates , and eliminates price discounts .

About Omnia Group

The Omnia Group is helping more than 2,300 clients hire the right person the first time and manage them for peak performance and long-term retention. Omnia's quick, easy and accurate personality-based hiring tools use customized workplace and corporate culture information and the profiles of top performers (benchmarks for the job) to accurately determine each applicant's "job-fit" before hiring, cutting unwanted turnover and saving time and money.

About The Sant Corporation

The Sant Corporation is a provider of proven software and expertise that improves sales effectiveness. We help companies who provide value-based solutions win more business by accelerating the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations, and related documents. Businesses choose the Sant Corporation to improve productivity, increase sales, and develop accurate, consistent sales documents for their customers.


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