Fuel Re-Formulator Proven to Increase Fuel Mileage Between 9 and 19 Percent

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Just approved for worldwide distribution to the consumer market, an innovative new fuel treatment (a liquid-not another fuel "pill") has been proven to increase fuel mileage between 9% and 19% (plus) and reduce emissions by more than 30%. The 3-in-1 product has also been proven to increase engine performance, reduce engine wear and save oil. This fuel re-formulator makes the engine run smoother, cleaner and with more power

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Hundreds of millions of miles of road tests, and a 10 year track record with commercial vehicles has proven the effectiveness of the fuel re-formulator. The product is already very popular with commercial fleets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe. The Chinese government uses the product in the entire public transportation system. It significantly reduces emissions, fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs. EPA laboratory tests confirm that Fuel Re-formulator is 99.99976% clean upon ignition and ashless upon combustion. Now for the first time, the product is available for general consumer use.


Ethos-fuelsaver is a unique and patented product that contains 288 distinct cleaning and lubricating esters. These esters are polarized and contain oxygen. Some of these esters attach themselves to fuel molecules and enhance combustion. Still other esters continuously clean carbon and dissolve varnish. A cleaner engine increases performance. Higher performance means less fuel is used, resulting in lower exhaust emissions.

Synthetic esters similar to Ethos-fuelsaver have been used in supercritical jet engines for more than 50 years. When consumed by the engine, some of the synthetic esters in Ethos survive combustion and attach themselves to all metal surfaces within the area of the upper cylinders. Long term effects of Ethos-fuelsaver start appearing after several weeks of continuous use, and the engine begins to run noticeably smoother. These synthetic esters continue to deposit themselves on the metal surfaces in the boundary layer on the upper cylinders. Engine performance and engine efficiency continue to improve measurably over a period of months. As long as the use of the patented product continues as specified on the bottle label, superior engine performance will result. New engines will run better than new. Old engine’s performance will return closer to the manufacturer's specifications. The synthetic esters in Ethos-fuelsaver are extremely stable. They do not deteriorate into potentially harmful materials, so there is no way that they can void the warranty on a brand new engine. This is reflected in the fact that when maintenance is performed on a jet aircraft engine, they never drain the lubricant. They just "top it off" or add lubricant until it's up to the maximum recommended level.

Ethos-fuelsaver works with any fuel used in trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, ships, railroads, automobiles, generators and more. The main objective is to make fuels self-cleaning and self-lubricating without increasing toxic emissions. With Ethos-fuelsaver, engine parts function smoother with less heat and friction, requiring less maintenance.

This product is a dream come true for all types of engines. It is environmentally friendly. It can be shipped anywhere as non-hazardous. It works in the gas, oil, transmission, power steering and more. The product is extremely cost effective and has a 10 year documented track record. Massive growth and a huge marketplace is expected.

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