New Secrets Revealed For Da Vinci Code & Mona Lisa

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Dan Brown author of the Da Vinci Code now a blockbuster movie has missed a trick says a spokesperson for The International Secret Society of Vegans.

Leonardo Da Vinci is said to be the inspiration of Da Vegan Code and the International Secret Society of Vegans. The Mona Lisa is held up as proof.

Dan Brown revealed that Mona Lisa was a play on words using the Greek gods of fertility Amon and Isis.

The Vegans claim that the real joke was rearranging the letters of Mona Lisa to make "No Salami".

They claim that other famous influencers went on to adopt Da Vincis Vegan Code including Sir Issac Newton (lover of an Apple a day) and Vincent Van Gogh.

Why Vincent Van Gogh ? They claim that his famous Sunflower painting is representative of the international symbol of Veganism and is famous for its composition using the golden ratio PHI 1.618 in the sunflowers' spirals of seeds (as seen in action in Da Vincis perfectly formed Vegan Vitruvian Man)

London nutritionist from Foods For Life Yvonne Bishop-Weston says poor old Vincent fits the profile of an early Vegan. "It's only in recent years that we have known the full implications of inadequate supplies of vitamin B12 and Long Chain Fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. If Vincent was indeed a vegan then he wouldn't have been eating fish and eggs which would have provided those vital nutients. It's unlikely he would have been supplementing his diet with Algae back then and that would be one explaination for his extreme emotional problems."

It's said 2006 is an important year in The Vegan Millenium Calendar and that they have reached a state of critical mass. Apparently vegan consciousness is now considered sufficient to prevent the nihilistic route of environmental devastation and widespread preventable illness that plagues modern society.

There is controvesy over whether high ranking members of the Secret Society of Vegans will appear at The 10th International Vegan Festival in Denmark this year.

Will anyone recognise them if they do go?

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