Breathing Right Improves Health and Lifestyle

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At some point, everyone begins to worry about the future of their health. While attempting to take preventative measures, confusion strikes when discovering the wealth of information available. All the information out there makes it impossible to decide on the right approach. However, the answer may be to consult your own knowledge, and start from the fundamentals.

Let's say you workout on a routine basis, you feel active, but you also know that professional athletes are physically worn out at a younger age, and don't necessarily have better long-term health than those who exercise moderately. So how much exercise is too much? Is your exercise routine well-balanced?

You have the best medical care, and you take all the best known supplements, but you worry how everything interacts with your body.

Will it produce a negative side-effect? Will two supplements defeat the purpose of each other? Should you not take it when you feel good, or when you feel sick? Is your doctor really giving you the BEST advice?

At MASTERLU.COM we believe -- When in doubt, go back to the basics! Make sure you are taking all the right steps from the very start. Improve the way you absorb and process the single most abundant resource you use everyday, your breath!

How could breathing make such a big difference?

First of all, a normal office worker only uses a sixth of his lung capacity. The remaining five-sixth of his lungs are either deflated or holding stagnant air. This greatly reduces the oxygenation of the blood -- required for supporting all of our inner organs.

Clinical studies also show that an average person's lung capacity begins to diminish shortly after puberty. That is if you don't do anything to maintain or increase your active lung capacity.

By measure of lung function with a spirometer, we could lose UP TO 25% of our air intake capacity every 10 years. This could explain why people take more breaths per minute with increased age.

Do longer breaths give you a longer life? Taking a a look at the living creatures around us, we can see that animals taking shorter breaths tend to have a shorter life.

A dog, for instance, takes up to 30 breaths per minute, while an adult human only takes about 15-20 breaths. A turtle's average respiratory rate could be as low as 1-2 a minute.

In comparison, the estimated life span of a turtle is 100 years, humans - 75 years, and 20 years for dogs. So it seems the quality and depth of the breath is in fact more important than the quantity (number of breaths taken) of breaths.

Of course respiratory rate is far from the only factor to determine longevity, but it can definitely help contribute to a significantly increased life span.

Here is what Johnny "Lam" Jones, former NFL New York Jets Player, had to say about Master Lu's Five Elements Breathing Method:

"The breathing exercises are great for improving your cardiovascular [system], and the strength and speed exercises are great for building and maintaining strength without losing flexibility. If the athlete will combine the training with his individual sport training, I believe without a doubt, he will gain that extra edge that increases his chances of winning the battle in any sport. The greatest thing about this training method is that it's not just for the young or athletic, anyone can do the exercises! It's for those who care about their physical health on a long term basis."

About MASTERLU.COM was established to create awareness of Master Lu’s holistic approach to better health. Renowned 70 year-old Master Lu has been training health professionals, celebrities and athletes throughout the world for the past 40 years. Now, his teachings are available on video. The breathing method is the most fundamental step of his program, which Master Lu refers to as the “Core” of his Lift Up Series. The Five Elements Breathing Program is available on DVD at for $58.

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