Discovery Journey Helps Parents Answer the Question ‘Should My Teenager See the DaVinci Code?’

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Discovery Journey offers a unique combination of ingredients creating the “recipes” for building character and values in families, schools, neighborhoods and more. In one site, Discovery Journey includes children’s book reviews, movie reviews, and ideas for relaxation time with family and friends.

The DaVinci Code, the movie based on the runaway bestseller of the same name is released today and parents may wonder if it is appropriate for their teenagers to view this movie. Because so many found the book to be enjoyable and find the questions about religion and history to be interesting and non-threatening, parents may wish their teens to see the movie. However, these same parents may be concerned about whether some of the more controversial elements of the movie are appropriate for their teens. Discovery Journey takes the guess work out of such questions by evaluating the content of kid’s and teen’s movies and books for positive and negative examples of the following ten traits: self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and faith. The more strongly a book or movie presents these values-oriented messages, the higher it scores. Points are deducted for negative behavioral influences, such as violence, bad language, nudity, sexual content, scary elements, and the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The result is a Character Score, ranging from zero to 100 that parents can use to select media that have integral values messages.

The result of the recent movie review for The DaVinci Code generated a Character Score of 64 as follows:

Character Traits:

Self-Discipline: 3 Stars    

Compassion: 4 Stars    

Responsibility: 5 Stars    

Friendship: 2 Stars    

Work: 5 stars    

Courage: 3 stars    

Perseverance: 5 stars    

Honesty: 2 stars         

Loyalty: 5 stars         

Faith: 2 stars

Absence of Influence:    

Violence: 0 stars

Language: 5 stars

Nudity: 2 stars

Sexual content: 5 stars

Drugs/Alcohol: 5 stars

Scary: 5 stars

Bad Behavior: 6 stars    

Suggested Ages: Discovery Journey recommends this movie for 17 year old teens and adults.

Messages: Everyone has their own individual beliefs.

Reviewer: Patricia Guth

Reviewer's Opinion: Personally, I liked this movie though, at 2 1/2 hours, it gets a bit tedious at times. I saw the film with two friends. Two of us had read the book, one had not. The friend who hadn't read the book found the story confusing and the storyline a bit difficult to follow. If, however, you were one of the millions who read Dan Brown's novel, you'll be impressed by how well the movie follows the book and I think you'll really enjoy this film.

Due to the amount of violence in the movie, I believe (as did my friends) that it should be rated R. I would not consider taking a 13-year-old to see The DaVinci Code. I think some of the violence (in particular the self-flagellation by Silas) could have been implied rather than acted out on the screen. It was rather disturbing.

As a Christian, I was not offended by the movie or the book and I didn't walk away thinking that everything I've believed all these years may be inaccurate. I think the audience is more than able to separate fact from fiction.

Full Review of The DaVinci Code:

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