Shopping Search Engine for Health and Medical Products Launches

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OmniMedicalSearch launches first ever price comparison shopping search engine for health and medical products that aims to reduce rising health care costs. announced today that it has released, the internet's first shopping search engine for health and medical products with true pricing comparisons. searches over 40,000 products from more than 50 merchants and displays results by price, category, or product. OmniMedicalShop offers three new features designed to help consumers make more informed decisions, including: Add a Review, Ask a Merchant to gain more information about a product directly from the merchant and a Price Alert feature.

"The Price Alert feature allows users to keep track of changing prices for products they want to buy," OmniMedicalShop founder Jason Morrow said. "It's similar to email news alerts, except you keep track of price changes for health products you frequently purchase."

Morrow said built and released for one main reason: to combat the rising health care costs in the USA.

"The burdens of health care expenses in this country are being shifted to the consumer," Morrow said. "Forty-four million Americans have no health insurance and health care costs are expected to rise by 7 to 8 percent annually over the next decade, with double digit increases in some sectors."

Factor in a falling dollar, high gasoline prices and that spells out that the USA is entering a high inflationary period not seen since the 1980s, Morrow claims. "I felt we had to do something to help consumers so we put together When you shop around and compare prices of health and medical products, you save money, sometimes up to 50 percent."

When it came to enlisting merchants to enroll in the new health and medical products shopping search engine, Morrow said the company focused on adding merchants from the widest possible spectrum. "The key to our success will be the merchants we work with and the wide range of products they have to offer," Morrow said. "With the exception of Froogle, there isn't another shopping engine that offers access to more health and medical products than OmniMedicalShop."

With more than 40,000 product listings, Morrow thinks OmniMedicalShop is off to a good start, but adding more merchants and products during 2006 will be the company's primary goal.

"When you have more merchants and products, you have more duplicate product listings which allows users to compare more prices and get a better deals," he said. "Helping consumers get the best deal on everything from wheelchairs to nebulizers to humidifiers to daily living aids - you name it, ultimately, that's what OmniMedicalShop is all about," Morrow said. "Americans have little to look forward to in the way of relief when it comes to rising health care costs but when it comes to the products they'll need, they can save money by using OmniMedicalShop. It was built for them."

Unlike most other shopping search engines, OmniMedicalShop is free for merchants. "Other shopping search engines charge on a pay per click basis," Morrow pointed out. "But that ends up excluding most of the online merchants worth having so we kept it free for merchants. Price comparison shopping for health and medical products is a niche - but an important niche and you can't guarantee users the best deals by putting up walls to merchants."

OmniMedicalShop also makes it easy for merchants to enroll and upload their catalog since it accepts the same product feed format that Froogle does.

"We didn't want merchants to have the burden of rebuilding their catalog into a whole new format so we designed OmniMedicalShop to accept the same format that works for Froogle," Morrow said. "If a merchant is listed in Froogle, it can be listed in OmniMedicalShop."

When asked why users would prefer OmniMedicalShop to other shopping search engines, Morrow pointed out that OmniMedicalShop has been integrated with OmniMedicalSearch. "The two search engines complement each other," Morrow claimed.

He explained that OmniMedicalSearch is very exclusive in the websites it searches. "Although we search a smaller index of medical websites, the quality of our results is much higher and more reliable. And with OmniMedicalShop, we are focused only on health and medical products with features Froogle and the other shopping search engines don't have. OmniMedicalShop is in its infancy and will eventually have more health and medical merchants than any other source."

With both of these services working together, Morrow said he has an unbeatable combination that benefits users. "OmniMedicalSearch is the first medical search engine to launch a health and medical products centric shopping search engine. This lead and the combination of the two gives us an edge over other medical search engines and mainstream shopping search engines," Morrow added.

Although price comparison shopping search engines are nothing new, Morrow said it was only a matter of time before one was built for health and medical products and he's glad that is one of the first. "The health and medical niche seems to lag 3 or 4 years behind the rest of the web as far as new search products and innovations," he explained. Despite the time lag, Morrow believes it's never too late to help health care consumers save money as OmniMedicalShop promises to do.


OmniMedicalSearch (OMS) was launched in July 2004 and is the first true medical metasearch engine. Since its inception, it has worked hard to build its reputation as the most comprehensive search tool available for reliable, authoritative and non-commercial health and medical information. By keeping OMS focused on reputable sources, OMS is able to keep out the 'snake oil salesmen' that proliferate on popular search engines. OMS also developed the first search tool that focuses solely on traditionally non-commercial top-level domains like .gov, .edu, .org and Other OMS search tools and features include: health and medical news search, image search, MedPro search for medical professionals, Basic search for the general public, dictionary search powered by OneLook, medical acronym search powered by Medilexicon, as well as medical association, journal and database mini-directories. was founded by Jason Morrow and operates with the assistance of SofterLogic, a U.K.-based internet solutions company.


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