Movie Stars and Soccer Moms Discover Plastic Surgery in Paradise

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Hollywood producers and author of "How to Get High-Quality Plastic Surgery... Cheap!" join forces to create the Caribbean's first all-inclusive, luxury plastic surgery and self-improvement vacation, designed to suit celebrity demands and the average American pocketbook.

To assist the millions of Americans seeking affordably-priced plastic surgery, a new all-inclusive luxury vacation service has opened in the Dominican Republic. The country has become widely known as a "plastic surgery Mecca", with thousands of travelers arriving each year with the sole purpose of getting a physical make-over.

As detailed in the tell-all book, "How to Get High-Quality Plastic Surgery... Cheap!" by author JoAnn Roselli, prices for various plastic surgery procedures can cost up to 75% less than their U.S. equivalents. As well, many of the plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic are internationally trained and highly-skilled members of worldwide plastic and reconstructive surgery confederations such as IPRAS and IPRAF, as well as the FILACP.

In a recent interview, Ms. Roselli stated, "I wrote How to Get High-Quality Plastic Surgery... Cheap out of sheer happiness and amazement at the quality of surgery I received in the Dominican Republic and the amount of money I saved by choosing to go there to have my liposuction and tummy tuck. I knew there were thousands of people who would benefit from finding out about this great alternative for plastic surgery. The response has been overwhelming."

As the numbers of medical tourists to the Dominican Republic has skyrocketed, so has the demand for an all-inclusive service to take the burden of travel arrangements, hotel booking and post-surgical care out of the equation. A group of plastic surgery-conscious Hollywood movie producers caught wind of the excellent surgery available in the Dominican Republic (coupled with the exotic, inviting locale of a Caribbean paradise) and "Rejuvenation Vacation" was born.

"Our clients aren't necessarily searching for the cheapest plastic surgery they can find. They're looking for the best plastic surgeons, all-inclusive luxurious accommodations, superior medical care and spa services following their surgery, and of great importance is the high degree of privacy protection and anonymity that we have to offer. Of course, the great prices and proximity to the United States are also very attractive benefits!"

Many actors and other celebrities have admitted to heading overseas for plastic surgery, some traveling as far as Thailand for a nip/tuck. However, for an Asian country to be an option, one has to plan on the extensive travel time, as well as an extended recovery period in a foreign land since a 28-hour plane ride is often too much to tolerate following surgery.

With the Dominican Republic being only a 3 and 1/2 hour trip from New York or 2 and 1/2 hours from Miami, it is easy to see why the DR (as the country is lovingly known)is becoming more attractive than it's international competitors.

Ms. Roselli has recently accepted a role as Program Administrator with the Rejuvenation Vacation organization. "I'm thrilled to be a part of it. It's great to be able to offer the kind of revitalizing experience that Rejuvenation Vacation a price that average American housewives like me can actually afford. Even though the high class amenities have been designed to suit the standards of Hollywood A-listers, because the exchange rate is so favorable to Americans and the operating costs are quite low here in the DR, it's pretty affordable across the board."

When asked why she was brought on board, Ms. Roselli explained that while the Hollywood producers handle the glitz and glamour side of Rejuvenation Vacation, she would be well-suited to address the more mundane, nitty-gritty aspects of post-plastic surgery recovery.

"I know well what a person goes through and most needs after plastic surgery. I've had lots of procedures performed over the past few years, all of them here in the Dominican Republic. So I also have the insight of what it's like to go through it away from home, in a foreign land. I know how to make things really comfortable, safe and relaxing...and how to help people make the most out of the experience."

Rejuvenation Vacation markets its "holistic" approach to plastic surgery, incorporating self-hypnosis and supraliminal recordings, videos and a full array of self-improvement techniques and products for interested guests. There is a unique Rejuvenation Vacation post-surgical clothing line in the works, as well as a line of post-plastic surgery hypoallergenic camouflaging cosmetics to safely conceal bruises and healing surgical wounds following face lift, blepharoplasty, forehead lift and other facial surgeries.

The buzz is already spreading about the Rejuvenation Vacation Reality TV series, slated to start shooting this Fall. The show plans to help fill America's insatiable appetite for plastic surgery programs. It seems as though TV viewers can't get enough of surgical transformations, with shows like "Extreme Makeover", "Dr. 90210" and "The Swan" sending ratings off the charts.

The all-inclusive amenities boast luxury ground transportation with chauffeur, plastic surgery procedures of choice performed by the countries most respected and skilled surgeons, spacious suites complete with kitchenettes at an elite boutique hotel, 24-hour room service with gourmet meals and fresh, organic locally-grown tropical fruits and vegetables, 24-hour medical care throughout the stay performed by a licensed physician, salon services including hair styling, manicure and pedicure, and massage therapy. Airfare is also included in some packages.

Rejuvenation Vacation is also offering special packages for couples and families, which include full admission to the Barceló Capella 5-star beach resort which offers numerous restaurants, bars, water sports, merengue and Spanish classes, as well as daily and nightly entertainment.

It's not hard to imagine the family out frolicking in the surf, while mom is back in the room having her toenails painted, sipping a freshly-squeezed mango smoothie and recovering from her face lift. She goes home looking 10 years younger, and the family goes home with a tan and a bevy of stories about their Caribbean adventures.


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