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Designer Nutritional Systems to enhance your skin & body from within.

In an image conscious society, you hear it all. From the newest miracle ingredient to the latest cellulite conspiracy theory, we're constantly bombarded by The Next Big Thing. Which is why we eat up ideas that are supported by a substantial body of evidence. Or in the case of the newly launched Designer Nutritional Systems, swallow it down—literally.

Over years of research, doctors at The Sloane Clinic found that when our cells are not fully hydrated and nourished, they can't function at their best level, which leads to the tissue damage that manifests throughout our body as aging. Our cells' ability to hold water & nutrients naturally disintegrates over time.

Furthermore, modern plants grown on chemical fertilizers grow rapidly and outstrip their trace element supplies. For example cows put on such 'flushed' grass may develop grass staggers - acute magnesium deficiency. Add the fact that we tend to eat foods which have been processed, so many nutrients are lost, and these losses are accelerated by sugars, caffeine, alcohol and other such social poisons (delightful though they may be!).

Since our skin is our most visible organ this damage is first visible there—in the form of dryness, irritation, and loss of elasticity and wrinkles, but the damage is also taking place internally. Think about it: As you age your sleeping patterns become irregular, you have less energy, and can't exercise as well. According to Dr. Low Chai Ling at The Sloane Clinic, if we can sustain our cells' ability to retain water and nutrients, we can keep ourselves looking and feeling younger, longer. The Sloane Clinic has launched their new bodywellness line --- four specially formulated nutritional systems for the woman who believes that beauty is more than skin deep.

Weight Management System

A synergistic blend of powerful nutrients and vitamins in the perfectly exact dosages that can help increase the efficiency of cellular metabolism, transport fats into the mitochondria and provide potent protection from oxidative stress (free radical damage).

Body feels less hungry, and better able to burn fat fast even when resting.

This 30-day weight loss program together with a moderate diet & exercise plan will help reduce fat body mass and increase lean body mass drastically. Supplements may increase metabolic rate and enable the body to better utilize stored fat for energy.

Total Detoxification System

Embark on a total colon cleansing therapy by using our ultra low-calorie Total Detoxification System. Total Detoxification System helps rid the body of accumulated toxins and excess fats. It also effectively restores the balance of good and bacteria in your intestines well as regulate internal digestion. Feel Pure from within and you will radiate wellness effortlessly.

Pure Skin & Body System

The antioxidant benefits of 15 cups of green tea in one pill? Yes, please! An advanced, comprehensive dietary supplement support program to help maintain healthy skin, joints, bones, hair, and nails. Specially formulated to work from the inside out, this nutritional system combines synergistic powerful antioxidants, B-complex energy enhancers, skin-firming macrominerals, lipotropic factors, enzymes, and other effective ingredients essential for healthy, beautiful skin. Pure Skin & Total Body supplements balances the skin's moisture layer and improves the appearance of problem and oily skin by revitalizing texture and clarity, promoting a smoother, clearer complexion.

Pure Skin & Total Body packs contain a revolutionary, cultivated bio-vitamin complex that helps the skin regenerate its natural support system, as they help remove toxins and improve skin clarity.

Zinc and biogenic vitamin C complex help stimulate the removal of toxins, while keeping pores clear and promoting skin clarity. 100 percent organic. Fat-free. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

Youth Enhancement System

Take your body back in time. This scientifically proven complex helps combat ageing from within. Our Youth Enhancement System contains important age-reversing vitamins such as DHEA and energy boosting micronutrients including bio-active Co-enzyme Q10 known to many as the 'energy spark plug'. This is because it helps to create a substance called ATP, an energy source that 'sparks' or drives all the functions performed by the cells in the body. Low levels of CoQ10 mean that cells do not receive all the energy they need so they function at a sub-optimal levels and are more likely to become diseased, age or even die.

Also contains potent soy antioxidants which help to neutralise cell-damaging 'free radicals' and to prevent cell damage. Consistent use will help the body regenerate and rejuvenate internally and externally, slowing down the ageing process and recharging vital functions.

Why get The Sloane Clinic's nutritional systems?

The Sloane Clinic designer supplements are created with the busy executive in mind. The supplements come in 30 once-a-day packets. Each packet contains the exact combination of vitamins and minerals for you for the day. Bring a packet of supplements to work, and you can slowly pop all the vital vitamins and minerals needed for the day throughout the day.

The Sloane Clinic's designer nutritional systems are made from the highest quality vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Each bio-active formulation comes with the precise dose of carefully selected supplements for optimal results. Each system's unique combination of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are designed to work synergistically and flawlessly to produce the most active and successful cellular activity in your body.

All phases of production and performance is monitored by internal and external audits to assess the adherence to the standard operational procedures of each department. We also maintain auditing programs to verify our raw material quality to provide consistent products meeting our strict quality requirements.

Designer Nutritional Systems are available only from The Sloane Clinic.

The Sloane Clinic is located at:

30 Raffles Place

#03-01 Caltex House

Singapore 048622

Tel: (65) 6533 2522


43 Jalan Merah Saga

#01-66 Chip Bee Gardens

Singapore 278115

Tel: (65) 6471 1108


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