Hillary Quote Book, Not NYT, Reflects True State of Clinton Marriage

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Editor of Hillary Clinton quote book says the NYT's coverage of the Clinton marriage reveals nothing that Hillary hasn't already said herself. Book is hailed as the most extensive collection of Hillary's flip-flops and outrageous statements ever compiled.

The New York Times was set to publish a page one story today on the state of Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage, the Drudge Report revealed on Monday. But the paper that claims to contain “all the news that's fit to print” reveals nothing about the Clintons' dysfunctional relationship that the one-half of the power couple hasn’t already said for herself, this according to the editor of a new Hillary Clinton quote book.

“I've Always Been a Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words” (World Ahead Publishing; paperback: $12.95; ISBN 0974670189), compiled by Thomas Kuiper, features a cover image of the former first lady wearing a Chicago Cubs hat. The book documents over 500 of Hillary's most telling quotes, making it the most extensive collection of her flip-flops, outrageous claims, and off-color sentiments ever compiled. And while the New York senator's acolytes have predictably tried to attack the book's credibility, its quotes are drawn from 63 published books and over 100 articles, an exceptionally broad assortment of sources that withstands the scrutiny of their partisan sniping.

“Why does the New York Times think it's news that Hillary and Bill seldom see each other?” asks Kuiper, a paralegal who has become a target of frequent attacks by David Brock's left-wing Media Matters since his book was published last month. “Everyone who has ready Hillary's statements in 'I've Always Been a Yankees Fan' realizes that the Clintons have a bizarre and frankly disturbing relationship.”

Kuiper pointed to a number of quotes from “I've Always Been a Yankees Fan” that reveal far more about the opportunistic nature of the Clintons' marriage than anything documented in the New York Times:

-- “You stupid [expletive] moron. How could you risk your presidency for this?” (Hillary speaking to husband Bill after news of his affair with Monica Lewinsky became public.)

-- “G**damn it, Bill, you promised me that office!” (Hillary yells at Bill on inauguration day for reneging on his promise to give her the office that traditionally belongs to the vice president.)

-- “Come on, Bill...You can't [expletive] her here.” (Hillary speaks to Gov. Clinton after catching him talking to an attractive woman at a political rally.)

-- “[I'll do] whatever it takes to get us elected.” (Hillary discussing in 1992 the lengths to which she would go to ensure “their” electoral victory.)

-- “Eight years of Bill, eight years of Hill. That was the plan.” (Hillary tells a friend of their plan to each serve as president shortly after settling into the White House in January 1993.)

“The New York Times can't really think that Democrats have only now figured out that the Clintons' marriage is a bit unusual,” says Kuiper. “Hillary has made it clear for a long time that she'll do and say anything it takes to seize political power so she can promote her left-wing agenda. It doesn't take tabloid photos of Bill exiting Manhattan restaurants with other women on his arms to make it clear what kind of marriage this 'power couple' has.”

“Even Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd once wrote about the Clintons that 'Everyone is fed up with the creepy dynamics of this warped marriage,'” quips Kuiper. “Evidently Dowd should've circulated that editorial in the news department, since those guys seemed shocked to learn that Hillary isn't all that interested in keeping tabs on Bill now that he's out of office.

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