Build Great Looking Tests and Save Time Doing It

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Build great looking tests, save time doing it, and end up with an accessible test all at the same time!

Premier Test Builder—slashes the time it takes to build tests in Microsoft Word.

Allowing Student to functioning in an includetionary setting, by enabling educators to create a single test that is accessible to ALL students.

Premier Test Builder takes the frustration out of creating tests in Microsoft Word. Test Builder has everything done for you. All you add is your questions. Test Builder combines the power and flexibility of Microsoft Word with pre-built templates of question styles. All you do is select the question style you want by clicking on a button from the Test Builder tool bar and just add your text, audio or pictures. This tool is a must for busy educators. The best part about Premier Test Builder is that when you save the finished test, it is also fully accessible to a wide variety of assistive technologies. Now educators do not need to take a class in accessible design to build an accessible test. Your resulting test can be printed and handed out like a regular test, PLUS they can be provided to the resource teachers in electronic format for use with screen readers and other adaptive technologies.

The exciting part for educators is that you make one test that can be used with ALL students, regardless of their needs. Premier Test Builder will enable you to make a single test that is accessible to all students, including students with learning disabilities, blind users, low vision users, even general education students.

Features of Premier Test Builder

  •     Build a single test for all students.
  •     10 different question styles. Just add your own text, pictures and audio.
  •     Uses Microsoft Word - you don’t have to learn another program. By using Microsoft word, you get all the power of MS Office, but you can also capitalize on a technology that many educators are already familiar with –Reduce the learning curve
  •     Finished test are locked automatically to prevent change.
  •     It takes less time to create a test with test builder than without – Being a time saver encourages educators to use it – many other test building programs are complicated and very time consuming.
  •     No additional software is required to view the test - Test created with Test Builder Are Compatible with Windows or Mac
  •     Finalized tests are both PC and Mac compatible
  •     Save lots of time and still make good looking accessible test, without being an expert in Universal Design or learning.
  •     Single file distribution – it is easy to distribute test created with Test Builder because everything is saved in a single file. Unlike some html test builders that create a lot of supporting files - Test Builder creates a single file, for easy distribution.
  •     Test Builder test can be viewed on any computer without downloading or installing any software or plug-ins – If you have access to internet explorer you can view the test.

Test Builder Toolbar has pre-built question styles:

Multiple Choice Question “MCQ”

Multiple Choice Question with Picture “MCQwP”

Multiple Choice Question with Answers 2 Across “MCQ2A”

True or False Question “TFQ”

Multiple Selection Question “MSQ”

Multiple Selection Question with Answers 2 Across “MSQ2A”

Fill in the Blank Question “FIB”

Essay Question “SAQ”

Place in sequential order “PSO” or Matching

Inserting an Edit Area or Image

Equation Builder

Compatible with Universal Reader and Talking Pointer

Premier Test Builder is designed to be compatible with our Universal Reader and Talking Pointer. Students who have visual decoding challenges can use the Talking Pointer – just point at the question or answer and it reads just that item to them. No highlighting or copying necessary…. just point and listen. Virtual no training is required for students needing the test to be read to them..

Suggested Retail Price: $99.95 per copy. Call for volume discounts or site licenses.

Significant Discounts for all active grant recipients.

For more information about Premier Test Builder go to

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Premier Assistive Technology

1309 N. Williams St.

Joliet, IL 60435

Phone 815-927-7390

Fax 815-722-8805


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