Empowerment Fitness Launches a Cutting Edge Mind/Body Workout; Two Boston Area Psychologists Tap into Women’s Need To Get Fit and Feel Happier - At the Same Time

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Get Fit. Feel Empowered. That's the idea behind Empowerment Fitness®, an innovative new approach to working out, created by Boston Psychologists Dale Sokoloff and Sharon O'Connor. Empowerment Fitness® combines physical exercise with proven psychological strategies for creating a happier outlook, increased motivation and emotional strength.

Learn how to create a happier life while you work out is the simple yet powerful premise of Empowerment Fitness®. The new mind/body program is offered two ways. In a 'Spinning® class' format where participants spin on stationary bicycles while an Empowerment Fitness®-trained instructor leads them through a series of mental exercises that help increase emotional well-being. And, for those who can't make it to the gym, Empowerment Fitness® can be used individually with a do-it-yourself CD called Energy Blast that engages the listener while walking, jogging or other low-aerobic activity. Energy Blast is also available as an MP3 download.

"Empowerment Fitness® teaches participants strategies for being their best selves, during a workout -- which science is proving to be a time when minds are relaxed and ripe for new ideas," says Dale Sokoloff, psychologist and an Empowerment Fitness® creator. "Think of it as a life coach and a workout expert all in one. It's a time saver and for some a life saver," Sokoloff adds.

There are so many success stories. Candi McLaughlin, homemaker, who was stuck in a rut for years, decided to try Empowerment Fitness®. "I've spent hundreds of dollars on weight loss programs, exercise classes, physical therapy. You name it, I've done it. The stresses of everyday life combined with serious physical and emotional issues, crippled me," said Candi. "Then I tried Empowerment Fitness® -- and I was opened up to a whole new way of thinking about my life and my body. It's really different and it's worked for me."

Empowerment Fitness® and Obesity: Consider the Whole Person

The reports about the rise in adult and childhood obesity are staggering. And yet, all of the solutions appear to be focusing on food, dieting, weigh-ins and exercise. There's little to no discussion about the psychological piece driving the weight increase.

"Empowerment Fitness® aims to bridge a crucial link between the physical and emotional...taking into consideration the whole person," Sokoloff adds. "There is a big problem in the U.S. right now -- we need big solutions. We need to think outside the box and provide people with the tools to think about the problem differently. Empowerment Fitness® does that."

The Teen Program

Empowerment Fitness® has just completed a pilot program in the Needham,MA Public Schools to rave reviews. Empowerment Fitness® has offered its program to 50 teenage kids to date. In essence, the students are 'spinning' on stationary bicycles and simultaneously listen to the Empowerment Fitness®-trained instructor lead them through a series of exercises that help increase emotional well-being and self-esteem.

"Watching these kids from the beginning of the program to the end has been so moving," says Sharon O'Connor, an Empowerment Fitness® founder and organizational psychologist. "Kids who felt so badly about themselves in so many ways -- from how they look to how they fit into the complex adolescent social world -- are now thriving, happy and feeling so much better about themselves. And the parents are happy because their kids are also getting a great workout."

Needham Public School administrators felt so strongly about the program's objectives and success, that they have currently applied for a grant to bring Empowerment Fitness® to each and every one of its high school students.

Empowerment Fitness® tackles the Mommy Wars

What are the "Mommy Wars" about anyway? Aren't they really about unreasonable expectations? Empowerment Fitness® tackles unreasonable expectations by teaching all women, whether they work in an office or at home, to "strive for greatness not perfection". "Our program helps women shift their focus off perfectionism and onto what they are doing well." says O'Connor, "Women feel guilty about practically everything. They just don't feel they are doing anything well enough. We found that when women feel genuinely good about what they are doing well - there is no need to come into conflict with anyone else."

Developers Bios

Empowerment Fitness® is the brainchild of three dynamic women who bring their good humor, personal triumphs and tribulations, and diverse professional experience to the development of this incredible program. Dale Sokoloff, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist, Sharon O'Connor, Ed.D., a psychologist, management consultant, and executive coach, and Karen Hoffman, J.D., a practicing attorney and advocate for individuals' rights were inspired by the transformative power of exercise in their own lives. They combined the power of exercise with the best practices from psychology, executive coaching, and legal advocacy to create this revolutionary mind-body program that can help individuals through any change they want to make in their lives.

Empowerment Fitness®, the cutting edge mind/body program that combines self help and fitness is truly the ultimate in multitasking. Take a class or download a workout - Empowerment Fitness® teaches individuals the mental strategies that lead to a happy life while they workout.


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