Company on a Mission to Help The UK 'Get COMFY'

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Graham Gallimore of Kidderminster is a happy man. For the first time in years he and his wife Kim can both sleep soundly all night. As an unexpected side effect, he is also the owner of a brand-new business producing the ‘posture safe comfort system’ that is providing relief to legions of suffering people throughout the UK and helping everyone get down and comfy. Graham's target?, "Basically we are on a mission to get the UK comfy, and help all those people with back and sleeping problems that just can't get the 'support' they need."

With an innovative new seating system, Graham is the man to sort out the ‘uncomfy’ problems of people who want to relax in front of the TV, meditate, read in bed, sprawl for hours in front of the computer, and generally sit in a way that is supportive but flexible. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and parents wanting to snuggle up with the kids are finding Graham’s idea really helps them and it has real medical benefits for those suffering from some very serious problems such as back and neck pain.

Kim suffered with sleep apnoea for many years –when a person stops breathing during their sleep – and she was not only permanently exhausted but starting to develop the more serious health problems that can be connected with this. Graham explains: “I was spending night after night waiting for her to start breathing with a loud and violent intake of breath each time she stopped. We tried everything from propping her up on pillows, using a bed backrest, and eventually the only solution we found was for her to sleep sitting up in a chair with a stool under her feet. This had an obvious effect on our relationship and could only be a short-term solution.

“Still once we were finally able to sleep on the problem we realised that what Kim needed was to be supported in a comfortable way as you would be in a reclining chair…you can’t fit one of those in your bed though. We found a system made with a portable, adjustable chair section and a separate legrest, for use on top of a bed or on the floor, and we found that it relieved Kim’s problem. We also found ourselves lending it out to people when they visited us and everyone loved it. It was imported though, did not conform to British Standards, and was very expensive so we looked for a UK version to recommend to people, only to find that there wasn’t one.

“So we spent months developing the ‘posture safe’ system and are launching it in the UK in 2006. It is perfect for anyone with a comfort or posture problem and really does help those with back-pain, neck-pain, sleep apnoea, and so on be supported in a natural and comfortable position. People even buy them for their kids so that they can sit in front of the computer screens in comfort but without damaging their backs by slumping over.”

One convalescing patient, Pauline Fox from Exeter, bought one and commented that: “I had my posture safe backrest originally for when I came out of hospital following a knee operation. I could sit up in comfort, read and complete my Sudoko, totally supported, and yet, so relaxed I was often found dozing in it!”

Kim adds: “It’s been a godsend to us. I don’t know how long we could have carried on without it. I can now sleep on the bed with Graham without suffering from the apnoea and he can get a good night’s sleep too. The best thing is that it fits everyone and only takes a minute to adjust to exactly as you want it. Unlike most other backrests it has armrests built in - in fact they even pivot in and out – so what with those and the adjustable headrest, you are fully supported. We can even provide it with an MRSA resistant cover for total peace of mind.”

The posture safe is available from and comprises a backrest for £149.95, a legrest for £79.95 or a complete set for £209.95. The rests are made of twin wall polypropylene encased in different density foams ensuring it is safe, very strong and supportive, yet lightweight and flexible. It uses special memory foams to adapt perfectly to your shape and is fully adjustable

For further information please contact Graham Gallimore on +44 (0)1299 832020 or visit


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