Variable Annuity Living Benefits Explained

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Understanding variable annuity living benefits is a difficult task. Annuity IQ is dedicated to helping everyday people and brokers get a better understanding of how variable annuities and their benefits really work.

, it serves as a get to know the benefits a little bit better book.

Annuity IQ releases an easy to understand guide to understanding variable annuity living benefits. This free resource is available at under the free e-book link in the menu.

“I decided to release this free e-book after reading an article from Humberto Cruz who brought to light the fact that variable annuity owners do not understand their variable annuity living benefits and how they work. This confirmed my thoughts and was the primary reason for starting Annuity IQ. It also opened another opportunity for me to help people.” Scott DeMonte, owner of annuity IQ, said. Mr. Cruz and several experts have said that upwards of 90% of annuity owners do not understand how their living benefits work.

“This is the reason I exist, I am here to help both the broker and the consumer understand how these living benefits work. The broker gets his information from insurance company representatives, and then in turn passes that information on to the consumer. The question I ask is if the broker gets wrong information from the companies’ representative, who gets hurt?”

“The answer is simple, everyone gets hurt. The broker can get into compliance trouble and the client will own something that is worthless to their needs.” Mr. DeMonte said.

Mr. DeMonte went on to say; “Whether you are a broker or a consumer, someone is trying to sell you their annuity product. Unfortunately, it is up to you, the individual, to find out if you are getting the facts accurately. Making a sale for the wholesaler is very important, I know I was one. At times when you are explaining your product, the lines of truth and fact get crossed, as the old adage says; don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

“Living benefits are very difficult to understand, even for the well versed in this field. This is why I launched this free e-book on While this free book is in no way as complete or in-depth as the actual “Annuity Report”, it serves as a get to know the benefits a little bit better book.” Mr. DeMonte said.

“For too long no one has publicly reported on the products and benefits that are being offered to the public. It is time that everyone, the broker and the consumer, get the facts on how these benefits really work.” Mr. DeMonte said.

Mr. DeMonte went on to say; “I have been accused of being anti-broker and that is the furthest thing from the truth. I am anti-wrong or inaccurate information, period. I am a friend to the broker and a resource to both them and the consumer.”

“I could easily charge money for this book, and if Mr. Cruz’s article is right, I am sure it would be a best seller. I am not into charging for a piece of work that did not take me long to produce. Plus I see so many other people charging too much money for misinformation. I just do not want to be compared to that group of people. Even my comprehensive book is not very expensive; it is all about making sure the people who need it get the information.” Mr. DeMonte said.

The free e-book is a basic comprehensive resource for people to better understand how different variable annuity living benefits work. There are so many terms and caveats to these benefits; it is hard to understand what is what and who is who. Mr. DeMonte is dedicated to both the consumer and the broker to understand the facts on how these benefits work.

“When it comes to variable annuity sales, everyone has their hand in the cookie jar. The wholesaler (these are the people who sell their products to the broker) is selling to the broker, the broker is selling to the consumer and the consumer is looking for a good deal. With that being said, who is going to give you the best story, those who have a vested interest in selling you a product, or someone who is a third party giving you pure information? The choice is yours to make, I can only lead you to the information. It is up to you to act on it.”

Scott DeMonte and Annuity IQ is the creator of “The Annuity Report”, the widely anticipated and highly acclaimed report that analyzes and rates variable annuity benefits. It is in an easy to understand format and written for both brokers and consumers. To get the free e-book log on to today.


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