“The Autobiography of Mick Star” Gaining International Pop Star Cult Status

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The 32 song 4 CD literary pop culture classic is a lyrical masterpiece as diverse as the pop culture it chronicles.

The Autobiography of Mick Star

“The Autobiography of Mick Star”, released online (http://www.mickeystar.com) in April 2006, has begun to generate the kind of buzz reserved for blockbuster books and movies. Online activity surrounding the lyrical story of Mick Star is unlike anything music critics have seen before. “Unusually heavy online activity”, writes Walter Greentye of Online Pop, “can be traced to one, maybe two demographics groups. But to look at the online downloading activity surrounding ‘The Autobiography of Mick Star’ is to look at wide spectrum of demographics of both age and sex. ‘The Autobiography of Mick Star’ seems to do best with middle aged women and young men and I think that’s an indication of its very broad appeal. But Mick Star also does well with Gays and Lesbians; another curious kind of reverse demographic pull.”

A Great Original Work From The Generation That Defined “Pop Culture”.

Amid critical speculation that “The Autobiography of Mick Star” may very well represent one of the last great original works from the generation that defined the term “Pop Culture”, “The Autobiography of Mick Star”, the songbook of the American songwriter Mike Hobson, plays and feels as much like a series of short stories as it does a collection of pop songs. “It’s funny how massive projects like ‘The Autobiography of Mick Star’ take a life of their own,” said Hobson. “I am a songwriter and the 32 songs in this work and another 20 or so that I haven’t yet recorded, is a journal of sorts. Each song stands alone and tells a story or captures a mood on its own not unlike many of the great songs of the last 30 years. But taken together, all of my songs can be chronologically fit together like pieces of an abstract puzzle and can be viewed as a storyline of a generation.”

Rumored Bush White House Blacklisting A Boon for Mick Star.

Since the summer of 2004 internet release and international wire service pick up of “Jets”, Mick Star’s anti Iraq war anthem, it has been rumored that the Bush White House has blacklisted all Mick Star music from American owned commercial and university radio stations as well as from American owned recording and publishing companies as punishment for Mick Star’s Iraq war dissent. Now in 2006, the claim of a rumored Bush White House blacklisting of Mick Star is not as far fetched as it might seem in the summer of 2004, especially in light of the reported Bush White House illegal email and telephone wiretapping of USA citizens for the past four years (New York Times). “The rumored Bush White House blacklisting effort”, says Taylor Guff of Oakford Associates, “to keep Mick Star out of the USA has been an effective marketing event for Mick Star in Europe. And, now that ‘The Autobiography of Mick Star’ is becoming an international literary giant, ironically, the Bush White House is helping to get Mick Star the exposure he deserves in America.”

Downloading of all of Mick Star’s Pop Music is rolling in England, France, Spain and Germany due, in part, to the popularity of “Jets”, Star’s anti-Iraq war hit. But his popularity is also due to the song writing (Mike Hobson) and song production (Joe Stout) genius that is Mick Star. America is taking notice of Mick Star, the new international iPod idol.

Mick Star, originally from Wayne, Pennsylvania, met and began to work with Philadelphia rock musician and producer, Joe Stout in the spring of 2004. After completing 3 CDs in 18 months (City Pop, Love Pop and Dark Pop) Mick Star left the USA unwilling to work in the USA under the rumored Bush White House blacklisting. Not surprisingly, Mick Star has since found friendly refuge in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona and has gone back to working with Stout from Europe to Philadelphia, USA, via online. The prolific pair has completed the fourth Mick Star CD, entitled “Pennsyltucky Pop” that was released in March 2006.

Mick Star And The New Music Business Paradigm.

“The Autobiography of Mick Star” is modestly posted with little online fanfare at http://www.mickeystar.com. All of the songs can be sampled in their entirety and can be downloaded directly at http://www.mickeystar.com for $1 per song. And as consumers of Pop Music continue to find their way on the internet, to sites like iTunes and to http://www.mickeystar.com, Mick Star is bound to become the first of a pattern of original uncharted Pop icons for generations to come.

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