Money On Loan from God Available May 2006: Stephen Bolt, Faith Financial’s President, Offers Financial Strategies that Combine Investments with Faith and Purpose

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Money on Loan from God is destined to become the new handbook for marrying values based living with values based spending and investing

“Money on Loan from God” by Stephen R. Bolt, President of Faith Financial Planners, Inc., is now available from Rearden Publishing.

In Money on Loan from God, Stephen Bolt shatters all constraints by reminding readers of the value they possess in Jesus Christ. From that purposeful life in Christ, Money On Loan From God brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the power that each person has been given to build a meaningful life plan and contribute positively to the great cultural war that is raging in America today.

Author Stephen Bolt combines his nearly three decades of experience in the financial services industry and his deep commitment to faith to provide the guidelines in Money on Loan from God. Furthermore, his practical, hands on experience as an accomplished financial advisor and participant in the creation and introduction of many financial services products -- from private syndications through initial public offerings -- gives readers a unique insight into the mystery behind investments.

“Money On Loan From God” is an exciting ride. Where others fear to tread, Stephen Bolt pulls no punches in his call to a more specific life in Christ that involves the management of personal finances,” says James H. Mukoyama, Jr., U.S. Army Major General (Retired) and Executive Vice President of Regal Securities, Inc, He also is a ten-year Promise Keeper.

Stephen Bolt simplifies the understanding of these often complex subjects in an easy to digest and often times humorous manner that both educates and entertains.

Money on Loan from God, the fourth book authored by Stephen Bolt:

  •     Defines Life, Purpose, Plan, Money. The order of those important words are the key to life;
  •     Offers that until you understand the meaning of life, how much money you have is completely irrelevant;
  •     Confirms that what you have in your investment portfolio should and can be a reflection of your values; and
  •     Supports that by adhering to values-based investing, Christians can wield profound influence in America’s cultural war.

“Stephen Bolt is a man who loves God and knows how to make money. This wisdom comes from his knowing the real priorities in life, in this case honoring the Lord Jesus Christ first, and then understanding how to invest His money. There are numerous books on investing and financial planning, but the uniqueness of Stephen’s book is that it is a template to help people develop an academically sound yet personally based financial plan. Stephen Bolt boldly states that the number one asset in his life is Jesus Christ. As you get into the book you will find it interspersed with scriptures and solid financial tips,” adds David B. Wardell PhD., Co-Founder of Promise Keepers

Money on Loan from God entwines these elements with core financial planning acumen, including details on:

  •     What is financial planning and how is it accomplished?
  •     How do you know which investments to choose?
  •     There is a difference between the investment itself and the package that wraps it.
  •     What can you really know about the stock market?
  •     Are variable annuities just expensive investments sold by commission driven sales people?

“Stephen Bolt hits a homerun with this book. His premise is basic and indisputable -- all that we have belongs to God and we are only stewards. In a practical approach to investing, Stephen helps Christians learn how to manage their fiscal resources in a way that not only reflects Christian values, but also bears witness that Christian moral principles are essential to any civilized society. This is a critical resource for the person who wants to be sure his investments are not supporting abortion, pornography, the gay agenda or other unbiblical values.” says Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

Faith Financial is a privately owned company which offers a comprehensive family of values-based personal financial products and services for the Christian community. The company, founded in 2002, is located in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville. The company, however, operates nationally, through its network of more than 100 Faith Financial advisors and through cooperative relationships with its broker dealer Capital Financial Services (CFS), values-based online trading platform partner Regal Securities, sister company American Values Financial Group, and other strategic partners.

Stephen R. Bolt is President of Faith Financial Planners, the leading provider of financial products and services dedicated to meeting the needs and values of the Christian community. Since 2002, Stephen has directed Faith Financial and its professionals in the development and/or implementation of an ever increasing family of personal financial offerings -- each one specifically designed to integrate values-based research, with values-based investing to meet the unique needs of the Christian community.

Faith Financial Planners, Inc. 801 Crescent Centre Drive, Ste 450, Franklin, TN 37067 (877-697-9139) Securities and Investment Advice offered through Capital Financial Services, Inc.

Broker/Dealer • Investment Advisor • 1 North Main Street, Minot, ND 58703 • (800) 259-1982



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