Wrinkle Treatment For The Masses – How One Web Site Is Making A Stand In The War Against Wrinkles

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Dr. Jay B. Stockman has announced the availability of a web site created to give members of the public full access to important information related to the treatment of wrinkles and associated procedures.

Juan Ponce De Leon traveled from Spain to the island of Bimini following the second voyage to the New World by Christopher Columbus. His quest was to discover the fountain of youth. While his quest did not result in longer life it has been the fodder for ongoing advances in a more youthful appearance.

According to Dr. Jay B. Stockman, “Aging is an indisputable fact of life that transcends any human intervention."

Stockman has pioneered a web site designed to provide free information to assist those who are looking for therapies and treatments to aid in wrinkle reduction and facial enhancements. The site features articles on a variety of topics including wrinkle prevention.

The web site is located at http://www.wrinkletreatmentonline.com/.

The cosmetic concerns associated with aging may have their basis in emotion and the effects of wrinkles may have a causal link to self-esteem issues. However, wrinkles are a part of our humanity that may require attention.

"While the formation of wrinkles, for the most part are unavoidable, treatments have been developed to address the various types. Products, and procedures that increase the thickness of the skin, or that remove damaged skin are the goal in wrinkle treatments," according to Stockman.

Dr. Stockman, the founder of the website, affirms, "There are several practical steps that can be taken to hasten, or delay the appearance of wrinkles. It is important to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes, the tendency is to stretch delicate skin. Maintain a stable body weight, a constant weight gain or loss can cause the skin to sag."

Stockman’s website provides useful information and resources for wrinkle treatment programs and research. There is no cost associated with the use of the web site. It also includes a section of the site containing valuable articles on various aspects of wrinkle treatments as well as a discussion forum.

"Spend 15 minutes each morning and evening exercising the muscles in your face. Try to think about your face several times a day and totally relax all your facial muscles," concludes Stockman.

About Dr. Jay B. Stockman

Dr. Jay B. Stockman earned a B.A. in chemistry from Boston University, and a Doctorate degree from the State University of New York. He maintains several health-related web sites to assist the public with important information for better health. He offers high blood pressure information at http://www.HighBloodPressureWeb.com. Information on laser hair removal resources can be found at http://www.TheLaser-Hair-Removal-New-York.com. He also offers helpful information about acne at http://www.NewAcne-Control.com. Dr. Stockman is an individual contributor to Google Health Co-op


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