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People the world over will benefit from safer water, the reduced risk of fire, and from a new medical device for minimizing DVT.

Deep vein thrombosis, electronic fire prevention, and safer water monitoring are only a few of the new technologies being managed and placed into the market by Hampshire based company Just Imagine (UK) Limited.

Aerowalkers, a new DVT product minimizes the risk of DVT in long haul travelers, pre and post surgery patients, and other groups at risk. Deep vein thrombosis is a very real problem. Department of Health statistics estimate DVT occurs in one in 2,000 people. One in every hundred people who develop DVT dies. Aerowalkers provides a mechanism that while in a sedentary position you actually exercise the foot arch vein, the extensor muscles and thus replicate ‘walking’- even whilst sitting still. Negotiations for the world airline market and medical remediation market are ongoing with international organizations.

Peccater, a new electronic component that can be used in residual current devices, and all electrical connections will save lives by preventing fires. It is a thermal limiter device that senses a rise in temperature and actually closes the circuit to reduce the risk of fire at the point of thermal rise. Peccater prevents a faulty, or potential faulty connection from being placed back into operation after thermal rise has been detected. So you can't switch the breaker back on. Discussions have started with multi-national companies with a view to introducing this new technology. Fire damage from electrical fires in the UK between 2000 and 2005 caused 174,000,000 pounds worth of damage to property.

Tektor, fluid monitoring products are now available on the market. These products incorporate frequency resonance technology and can detect minute contaminants in parts per billion within fluids. The implications for water treatment systems alone are significant. Not only can the Tektor sensor detect a nasty component within fluid, it can also initiate an electronic early warning system to those in authority. So whether water treatment, drinking water, factory fluids, milk, whisky, sewage, or sulphuric acid, Tektor can act as a silent policeman and remove the need for extensive off line testing of samples.

Roark McMaster, the Operations Director of Just Imagine (UK) Limited states, "We are very pleased to be a part of technology that will improve the lives and safety of private citizens, as well as corporates. Each of these products provides tremendous value to consumers and industry. Although discussions continue on placing these technologies into the right hands, there is still scope for other players to get involved at this stage."

Just Imagine (UK) Limited specialize at working with SME’s and private innovators, to develop their technology, get it market ready, and license new technology to world class organizations.


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