How Secure is Your Portable Data? The BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro Fingerprint Biometric Flash Drive Secures Portable Data With a Touch of Your Fingerprint

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Artemis Solutions Group announced today the immediate availability of their latest innovative product under the BioCert® product line – the BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Secure Fingerprint Flash Drive.

Artemis Solutions Group announced today the immediate availability of their latest innovative product under the BioCert® product line – the BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Secure Fingerprint Flash Drive.

The BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB biometric flash drive provides consumers with the latest in biometric technology to secure data, while allowing the user to securely control access to their private data with a touch of their fingerprint. The previous version of the ClipBio was featured in Forbes Magazine article "How to Travel Like a Billionaire – 2006" at a price of $229.95.

The newly redesigned ClipBio Pro with 1GB of storage is attractively priced at nearly half the price of the previous model – now only $129.95 through the companies website at

The most conservative estimates by Gartner® Dataquest puts the total unit volumes of USB Flash drives sold in 2005 at 84 Million pieces. But out of those sold how many are truly secure?

Developed in conjunction with Symwave® using their BioPrint® swipe fingerprint technology, the BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Flash Drive uses advanced encryption methods and a secure biometric algorithm to authorize users access to their data on a secure partition on the ClipBio Pro.

Secured using AES 128 bit encryption, the secure partition of the BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB is only accessible when an authorized user swipes their fingerprint over the BioPrint® Sensor through the included Odyssey™ software.

On May 22nd, a story that shocked the nation was released to the press from the United States Department of Defense involving a Veterans Affairs employee having the personal data including the names, addresses medical conditions, and Social Security numbers of 26.5 Million US Veterans stolen from an unsecured disk located at his home.

Even though the Veterans Affairs Secretary, Jim Nicholson said there was no evidence that the data has been used for identity theft purposes, the fact that the data was in the hands of someone other than an authorized individual is a substantial breach of security and public trust. With personal identity theft representing a burgeoning problem throughout the US, this type of information being readily available represents a substantial risk to individuals, business, banking and eCommerce.

“Our BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Flash Drive is designed to allow only authorized individuals to have access to your encrypted data stored on the secure partition. Customers have to authenticate their identity with a swipe of their fingerprint on the sensor. The ClipBio Pro is automatically recognized by PCs running the Windows XP operating system and the secure partition is only visible once the user is authenticated.

There are quite literally millions of these USB flash disks in circulation right now with all kinds of personal data on them including credit card numbers, credit reports, birth certificates, financial documents, tax returns and other readily identifiable personal data that could be used in identity theft.

Even though Government Employees are highlighted in the latest confidential information release scandal, business owners and executives don't fare much better with the protection of their "secure data". As an example, at many trade shows and conferences, industrial espionage is a legitimate concern as thieves are always looking to pick up a random BlackBerry, Cell Phone or unattended flash drive of an attending executive to gain competitive intelligence or confidential information.

The BioCert ClipBio and the new to be released iQBioDrive™ thwarts the would-be thieves and secures this confidential data with biometric security” states James Childers – CEO of Artemis Solutions Group (iQBio, Inc.)

Produced in conjunction with Symwave Corporation of San Diego California, the BioCert ClipBio Pro is powered by the Symwave BioPrint SW6888 swipe fingerprint IC.

The BioCert ClipBio Pro is the first product from iQBio, Inc. to incorporate this sensor. iQBio, Inc. is currently in the process of developing a broad range of hardware and software products built around the SW6888 swipe sensor from Symwave including a 100GB iQBioDrive™ Secure Portable Storage™ Drive, desktop fingerprint sensor, integrated keyboard and optical mouse for PC Login, drive, file and folder encryption and single sign on (SSO) password capabilities for applications and websites. These products already in development and testing phases are expected to be released late Q2 or early Q3 2006.

In addition to the standard encryption and private directory software, the BioCert ClipBio Pro comes pre-bundled with a 30 day trial version of iQBioSync™ software developed in conjunction with Dmailer, Inc. iQBioSync allows the user to synchronize their information between PC's including documents, email and browser favorites. This software also allows a user to take their ClipBio Pro to any PC and use it as their own, with their data and email, even being able to send and receive email from a PC that does not have Microsoft Outlook Installed. A full version of the iQBioSync software can be purchased for $29.95.

The ClipBio Pro also includes a suite of open source portable applications including FireFox web browser, Thunderbird email client, OpenOffice Software Suite and ClamWin Antivirus. This suite of applications let any person take their ClipBio Pro to ANY PC with Windows XP loaded and run these applications directly from their flash drive leaving no trace of their application on the host PC. These products are distributed under the GNU open source license agreement. The iQBioSync software bundled with the Portable Application Suite allows any ClipBio Pro owner to open, save, share, store and email Microsoft Office fully compatible documents, pictures, spreadsheets, databases and other files directly from their ClipBio Pro. The complete BioCert ClipBio Pr solution offers a unparalleled combination of software portability and security – all with a swipe of your finger.

Functional, Stylish and Secure, The BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro is one of the most secure, innovative and advanced Personal Secure Portable Storage™ devices on the market. This plug-and-play Secure Portable Storage device may just become the most used accessory you own. Imagine, taking your files with you in an encrypted memory key that can only be opened with your fingerprint. At a value price point of $129.95 , the ClipBio Pro is perfect for Executives, Students, Business Owners, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors and just about everyone else with a finger.

The BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro from Artemis Solutions Group is about to change the way you secure and travel with information. More information can be found on the web at

About Artemis Solutions Group & iQBio, Inc. ( - ASG ( is a closely held, private security firm specializing in fingerprint biometric and smart card security solutions. With offices in the US, EU, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, ASG sells directly and through its global network of resellers and system integrators best of breed biometric and smart card security systems to small & medium business and local government agencies throughout the world. ASG’s related company iQBio is tasked with design, supplier relations, manufacture and OEM manufacturing oversight and global sourcing, distribution and logistics of its solutions.

ASG markets a range of computer, software and consumer products under its properly registered and owned trademark BioCert® and BioSaf® through a network of domestic and international resellers and extensively on the Internet through their owned and operated websites.

About Symwave ( - Symwave was founded in February 2001 by a team of leading analog/mixed signal IC design engineers. The BioPrint™ SW6888 swipe-type fingerprint IC solution is designed to provide fingerprint authentication and mouse-pad navigation functionality in power-sensitive and small form-factor application environments, such as mobile handsets, PDAs, laptop computers and direct-attached storage devices. The SW6888 combines proprietary sensing technology with ruggedized, small form factor design and leading-edge software, providing customers with a full fingerprint identification solution. The SW6888 swipe sensor was designed to be the most accurate, easily integrated, cost-effective fingerprint solution available for computing, consumer electronics and mobile devices.

About Dmailer ( - Located on the French Riviera and created in 2001, DMAILER is a privately held development and technology licensing company specialized in portable BACKUP & SYNCHRONIZATION software solutions for all sort of mobile devices (USB flash drives, Hard Disk drives, SD cards, mp3 players, iPods etc.). Our Mission is to provide the most innovative and best-in-class portable BACKUP & SYNCHRONIZATION software solutions for mobile device owners. We intend to be the leader in added value software for USB flash drives and mp3 players.

BioCert® and BioSaf® are registered trademarks of Artemis Solutions Group. iQBio™, iQBioSafe™, iQBioSync™, iQBioDrive™, Secure Portable Storage™ Odyssey™ Software and ClipBio™ are trademarks of Artemis Solutions Group. Symwave® and BioPrint® are registered trademarks of the Symwave Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and companies.

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