Everyone Wants a Fairytale Wedding

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A bride's dream came true when she was chosen for Women Entertainment Network's "Platinum Weddings". Her handsome groom by her side, many admiring onlookers, a dress that makes her look and feel like a princess, and of course the perfect jewelry to accentuate her beauty.

The place is the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel, the setting imitates the look and feel of the outdoors, and the atmosphere is nothing short of a fairytale. The bride and groom travel not in a limo but in a royal carriage. The names and faces of the guests are those off a VIP list. No cost or hurdle will stop this bride from having the wedding of her dreams and this is apparent in the floral arrangements, the gourmet food, and the amazing décor. There is a sunset that captivates the crowd and puts everyone at peace. What more could a bride ask for on her wedding day? Her handsome groom by her side, many admiring onlookers, a dress that makes her look and feel like a princess, and of course the perfect jewelry to accentuate her beauty.

If this sounds like a fantasy wedding, you definitely have it right. This was the only West Coast wedding chosen by the Women’s Entertainment Network to be in the new series “Platinum Weddings”. This is a weekly half-hour series that brings the ultimate wedding fantasy to life for a deserving couple in each new episode.

The door opens and there stands the man that would soon put a smile on the face of this West Coast bride. No, it’s not the soon to be groom but the jeweler Benny Mor, himself. Many women know that the jewelry they wear on their special day will be in their memories forever and they want it to be perfect. After all, every princess deserves to be adorned with the most beautiful jewelry. . In making this very important decision and with thousands of other choices, she chose to wear B. Mor. From her wedding ring, to her earrings, to her necklace she was covered in the unique, elegant designs of B. Mor jewelry.

With over 24 years of experience, Benny Mor was honored to be a part of this life changing event. He sat with the bride getting to know her and her style. He was able to show the bride the different, innovative designs and she was able to try on the many beautiful pieces. How many women get to say that they had their own personal jeweler for the day at their home helping them try on jewelry for their wedding?

Benny Mor has always been a strong believer in the meaning behind the jewelry and this was no exception. “Each piece of our jewelry is symbolic, sentimental, and evokes some kind of emotion or feeling”. “We want the jewelry to grow with each person through their lives”, says Benny. This proved to be true once again. When the bride chose a necklace with a leaf design Benny gave a little smile. He explained that this design represents life and new beginnings. It is taken from one of the purest forms of life, nature. The bride made her decisions and was smiling from ear to ear.

When it came time for the preparation and time for the jewelry to be put on, Benny Mor was given the privilege to place some of the jewelry on the bride. He left the ring up to the groom. “Having Benny present through all this gave the experience and the jewelry such a humane side”, one person said. It wasn’t just a piece of jewelry. It was a person, a creation, a passion… to B. Mor.

“Platinum Weddings” premieres on July 23rd on Women’s Entertainment Network

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