The Next Killer App? Santa Cruz Start-Up Develops the Touchstone Wellness Testing Tool

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Allergy and wellness tests food and personal health products through packaging.

VitaScans Corporation of Santa Cruz, California ( announces the TOUCHSTONE VS1, a uniquely pocket-sized microprocessor controlled wellness tool that indicates through a series of red or green or amber lights whether a food, beverage, product or supplement is potentially detrimental, beneficial or neutral.

CEO and co-founder of VitaScans, London-born technologist Peter Mackeonis who was responsible for creating and licensing the AmigaDos on the Commodore Amiga at the beginning of what became the PC Revolution, and backing a number of successful websites during the first phase of the Internet revolution, sees the TOUCHSTONE VS1 as the first in a range of Personal Wellness tools that will change the way that consumers make choices:


“Few people know that they might be unknowingly experiencing mild allergies to various foods and products on a daily basis. Unless a person has paid thousands of dollars to an allergist for a thorough panel, or they are allergic to something obvious like peanuts, there is a great potential for possible allergic reactions. And, that’s not taking into account that many people confuse product purity (ethical testing, etc) with quality. Is it enough to know that bottled water has been filtered, not knowing what toxins it has been filtered for, or whether or not the particular kind of plastic bottle that it comes in has leeched into the water during storage and causing an allergy issue for the consumer. Potential for allergies is everywhere and, therefore, so is a need for personal allergy testing. A good example might be that a high tannin or sulfite content of a particular wine might give a particular person who loves that particular wine, a headache; The TOUCHSTONE VS1 could well identify this wine as troublesome for that consumer,” he concluded.

VitaScans suggests that if, after testing with the TOUCHSTONE VS1, a person finds that they are allergic to a particular food or product that they really enjoy and do not want to give up, they should take it to their allergist and have it tested, or write to the company that produces the product and ask if they have had any complaints.

Mackeonis continued, "We firmly believe that the consumer needs at least one tool to help them navigate their way through the minefield of the many and varied foods, beverages and products that are available today.” Asked whether he could envisage consumers testing products in grocery stores, he responded, “Why not, people squeeze avocados, tap on melons and read labels, so, hopefully the TOUCHSTONE VS1 will give them some additional insight.”

Vitamin Supplements May Not Always Be Needed:

The TOUCHSTONE VS1 can also indicate whether a person need not take a particular vitamin supplement. According to Mackeonis, “It is likely that, if a person drinks a pint of orange juice with their breakfast or lunch, it may provide all the vitamin C that the body needs for that day, so a vitamin C supplement may not be needed that day. Likewise, other foods may provide other natural vitamins, I so if a person was to duplicate their intake of vitamins by taking supplements, they could be spending money on expensive supplements unnecessarily. Also, inactivity, a stringent work-out, or illness can vary a person’s daily needs, and our studies suggest that the TOUCHSTONE VS1 can show what those changing needs are,” concluded Mackeonis.

Personal Wellness Tools:

VitaScans plans to launch a number of Personal Wellness tools over the next three years, incorporating variations of sound and light manipulation. These machines, including the TOUCHSTONE VS1 will retail for less than $150.00.


  • weighs about three ounces
  • fits easily into a pocket or handbag
  • has five personal strength levels
  • is an ergonomic 2.5 inch disk
  • comes in a muslin drawstring pouch
  • is powered by two long-life batteries
  • automatically turns off if not used for for 30 seconds
  • is RoHs compatible

Retailing at $149.95, The TOUCHSTONE VS1 can be ordered direct from and a healthcare professional discount is available at the site at:


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