ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine ISBN: 978-1-4116-6915-4

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Easy to read new book about bio-feedbacks and how to listen to the body in order to learn how to prevent or how to heal the body without relying on drugs or herbs for the cases of ill health covered. ISBN: 978-1-4116-6915-4

New publication: Biko Agozino reveals to any person who suffers from many chronic illnesses, the secrets of how to listen to the body and to understand what the body is saying and how to respond to the feedback from the body in order to stay more healthy. ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine is good news to the poor people of the world who lack adequate access to modern medical technologies because the methods revealed in the book are not only drug-free, they are also free of charge because you do not need to buy anything other than the book to help you follow the instructions and take better control of your health.

ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine is a humorous step-by-step guide to helping individuals rediscover the ancient wisdom that must have been with us from the beginning of time when there were no doctors or drugs and yet people lived for centuries because they could tap into knowledge systems that the modern world may have lost as we chase after pills and disregard anything that could not be sold as a commodity.

Biko Agozino wrote ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine to help his family, friends and colleagues to learn from his personal discoveries but they soon started urging him to publish it and share it with the world generally. He found Lulu’s print-on-demand tools to be fast, easy and, most importantly, free. ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine is available for purchase at in a marketplace filled with other unique and wonderful surprises.

“Lulu is a small publishers’ dream come true. My aim is to get ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine to readers as quickly as possible without making the book too expensive. By cutting out the middle man in the form of other publishers, the book will retail at reasonable rates and I will keep most of the profits to help me to continue my research into the revolutionary ancient African healing arts that could help to reverse the health disparities that are hitting minorities and the poor adversely today. My company, Iva Valley Media, Inc. is proud to work with Lulu to bring out this good news to the poor, the chronically ill and everyone who wishes to increase self-efficacy in wellness.”

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