Coco Tralla LLC Predicts Multiple Catastrophic Events Along Pacific Ring of Fire

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As a result of ongoing research for Book Two of a seven book series known as REALITY FICTION™, Coco Tralla LLC claims the company’s logo, a redesigned image of a crop circle known as “Missing Earth,” summoned key players of the universe to save planet earth from destruction due to escalating earthquake and volcanic activity along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Although it may sound like fiction, Coco Tralla LLC telepathically determined the purpose of key players of the universe—to save us from imminent disaster not only from impending global disaster, but also from the devastation of multiple earthquakes and volcanoes currently erupting along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

“According to a 1995 General Accounting Office (GAO) report, more than 3.2 million government employees and contractors held security clearances in 1993, and now in 2006 with the Iraq war and heightened security measures, the magnitude of people involved with 'selling their souls' in the name of government security must be considered in the ET arena. If even a percentage of that 3.2 million were instructed to perpetuate disinformation and debunk ETs and UFOs, then it's understandable why acknowledging life beyond this universe has become associated with the ego, or in other words—it’s politics as usual,” the company president says. “But now it has to do with survival as a species.” President of Tralla Productions, Coco Tralla LLC, claims spacecraft from other universes entered our atmosphere utilizing “free energy” propulsion and “invisible cloaking” in the incoming 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet as part of a plan to save the world. Free energy, allegedly discovered in the early 1900s by inventor Nikola Tesla, includes zero point devices that extract energy from the vacuum. “Free energy was kept hidden from the public because it would topple the oil and gas industry,” Coco claims. Invisible cloaking refers to a technology, recently discovered by traditional scientists of today and, according to Coco, is "in its infantile stage on this planet." Coco challenges everyone, “If you don’t believe life beyond this universe or visitations exist, then read no further.”

Declaring it’s not science fiction, Coco Tralla LLC, publisher, author and distributor, cites a multitude of cataclysmic earthquakes that have occurred daily along the Ring in May 2006. Events she says validate Eric Julien’s “Day of Destiny” described at website, only the cataclysm is in the Pacific not the Atlantic Ocean. The USGS earthquake statistics are:


2006-05-28 03:36 (Mw 6.7) TONGA -20.0 -174.5

2006-05-28 03:12 (Mw 6.2) NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G. -5.7 151.1

2006-05-26 22:54 (Mw 6.2) JAVA, INDONESIA -8.0 110.3

2006-05-22 20:53 (Mw 6.0) BANDA SEA -4.7 126.8

2006-05-22 13:08 (Mw 6.2) KAMCHATKA PENINSULA, RUSSIA 54.3 158.4

2006-05-21 02:07 (Mw 6.0) OFF COAST OF ECUADOR 1.5 -85.2

2006-05-19 14:44 (Mw 6.1) MOLUCCA SEA -0.3 124.8

2006-05-17 03:06 (Mw 6.0) TONGA -20.6 -174.0

2006-05-16 15:28 (Mw 6.8) NIAS REGION, INDONESIA 0.1 97.0

2006-05-16 10:39 (Mw 7.4) KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION -31.6 -179.3

2006-05-10 02:42 (Mw 6.3) FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS 52.7 -169.2

2006-05-08 09:16 (Mw 6.0) SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA -4.9 102.1

2006-05-04 11:25 (Mw 6.0) TONGA -20.5 -174.1


The company cites inconsistencies in USGS reporting because the preliminaries for the first event listed above recorded the earthquake at 6.7 magnitude (Mw), but the final record at the USGS website lists the event in Tonga at 5.9 Mw. “There are other instances of earthquake devastation versus magnitude reporting that just doesn’t add up, especially the most recent quake in the Java trench,” the company president continues. “Since all 13 earthquakes happened in just 10 days in May and were along the Ring of Fire, alerting people worldwide of this impending disaster is imperative. And then there’s the volcanoes—all of them in the Ring.” There are numerous active volcanoes erupting in the Ring today.

“ETs first visited us during the creation of the atomic bomb,” Coco Tralla LLC continues. ”And now, they’ve come again because they want us to stop destroying ourselves and this planet with our high-tech weaponry and its waste products. With the nuclear energy buildup and now the heightened activity along the subduction zones in the Ring of Fire, has nuclear waste been deposited in these zones to get rid of it? I ask because telepathically, that’s the concern.”

Although claims of communicating telepathically with ETs and their arrival via comet P73 to save the world may sound fictional, the escalating earthquake and volcanic activity among the subduction zones and trenches along the entire Ring of Fire may in fact be our day of reckoning.


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