Pre-Made Website Package Attempts to Balance User Needs With Ad Profits: Challenges Opponents

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The all ads, no content websites that have exploded over the Internet now take on a second formation. Balancing a quality content site with quality ad revenue is the challenge for

With the explosion of the online advertising industry came a group of "Black Hat" marketers that sought to beat the system by mass-producing "Made for ads" websites. These sites are easily identifiable by the onslaught of ads that display on each page and lack of any useful content.

Adsense-Firesale ( is attempting to balance the need for webmasters to generate healthy ad revenues with their need to provide a quality web surfing experience. The package of 35 ready-to-launch websites is stirring up chatter all across Internet marketing forums and chat rooms.

Savvy Internet users and opponents of "Made for ads" websites complain that the lack of content makes these sites a nuisance to Internet users. Proponents debate that the collection of relevant links based on the user's search term is a quality addition to the Internet experience. What drives the development of such sites? Money. The sites' main purpose is to deliver ads based on “expensive" topics and rank highly in Internet search results. The pre-packaged and pre-made nature of these sites usually makes it easy for anyone to host them and receive advertising revenue. When asked what kind of revenue is generated from each individual site, one marketing forum member and "Made for ads" site guru, J.P. Schoeffel , replied "$20 to $50 a day." It's easy to understand the lure of a 35 website package.

What Adsense-Firesale is trying to achieve is the balance between an affordable pre-made package of ad-optimized websites and delivering a quality website with real content to the end user. is hosted by iMarket Ventures, LLC, a website development and valuation firm based out of Richmond, VA. For more information on iMarket Ventures, please visit For more information on Adsense-Firesale, please visit


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