Da Vinci Code Holy Grail Family Decoded to Today Down to You and to US Presidents

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In blockbuster movie , the Da Vinci Code, the Holy Grail is sought in rapid chase about Europe; and Jesus' family is revealed to descend to today after surviving attacks by the Church for 2,000 years. This movie and book are fiction but turn out to be true and that Holy Grail Family may descend to you as it does to some US Presidents. Announcing "Ensign Series" of books decoding these END Times and the Holy Grail Family down to today.

New book series decodes the Da Vinci Code -- Holy Grail family -- to pinpoint the Holy Grail Family globally and down to today to US Presidents and to many readers.

And creates a new global backbone, Holy single family for understanding these End Times, including new understanding of global economics, history, genetics, global Holy family, religion and leaders families the past 6,000 years.

A new history of all mankind down to you and your family with important information necessary to survive these End Times today.

New author LE Cooper, expert in religious symbols, codes and global economics explains who has the Holy Grail Family ancestors and explains who have been and are the Holy Grail leaders globally of Asia - India and China, the Mid East and Europe and the West - the Americas and USA.

Where do you fit into these global family patterns ?

Do you understand the codes of Da Vinci Code and The Solomon's Key and Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins Left Behind series.

Does Your Family descend from the Holy Grail / Jesus family and God's Family selected from 1000s of years ago to be blessed above all others down through time.

And what does the Ensign say to you important for today ? Will you recognize the Ensign , Flag unfurled with this news ? Who is the Ensign ?

Where is the Second Coming ?

Has the Lord been heree before that Second Coming on earth now judging the nations ?

Does he have a family ?

Has he had children today along with those long ago ? Who is the wife ? are the wives ?

Are Madonna, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie & Aishwarya Rai chosen brides ?

Who was the real father of present children ?

The Jesus Presidents (Oct 2004)

ISBN 0-595-66829-1,



Holy Grail / Jesus descendants down to some US Presidents and to some readers to today and to the Lord already here on earth judging the nations and who has had a 2nd family here now today !

Where is the Lord located now ? Why was this covered up ? Where is the antichrist located ?

He shall see his Seed - Isaiah 53: 10

He shall sprinkle his Seed across many nations - Isaiah 52:15

Thus saith the Lord, the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, and His Maker,

ask me of things to concerning MY SONS ... Isaiah 45: 11

The Bush Family (Oct 2004)

ISBN 0-595-66806-2, see next link

Special Holy Ancestors of the Bush family and

other special ancestors as heroes and scalawags - which side of ancestors wins out now ? What does Cathay have to do with the Bush Family ? Who is Mabus ? Who is Aenobarb predicted by Nostradamus to be the present antichrist ? How do Ann Coulter and Henry Paulson fit in ?

China's US Presidents (Dec 2005)

IBSN 0-595-37709-2, see next link

China's Holy Dragon Emperors Descended

from Mid Eastern Holy Patriarchs down to

their descendants in the West. And to ? you and US Presidents. What do these holy lines have to do

with predicted war with China now over mid east oil supplies ?

India's US Presidents (Dec 2005)

ISBN: 0-595-37901-X, see next link

India Emperors desscended from God's Holy family and their descendants across the West including to you and to US Presidents. What doe these lines have to do with the Second Coming of God / Maitreya who in these now End Times, defeats the

present antichrist already here ?

Why is the face of Maitreya (Buddha who is to come (Now) ) the same as the face of the Sphinx from 4,600 years ago- a pilar to God at the border of Egypt and a witness to the Lord ?

Mohammed's US Presidents (Dec 2005)

ISBN 0-595-37900-1, see next link

Holy Prophet Mohammeds Family and descendants

across the Whole earth and Mohammed's descent

from God's Holy family of the MidEast. down to toda to you and to US Presidents.

What descendant of Mohammed is his prophecied Hidden Imam / Madhi that helps defeat the antichrist now ???

Ensign Series of Books by Author L E Cooper Ens, Ensign , Language English ,

Publisher iUniverse Shanghai, USA

Ensign Book Series Available as Series or individually via these and other online book stores as via search for titles or author LE Cooper





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