New 'Disguise Kit' Protects Web Identities and Addresses To Stop Spam Before It Gets Started

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Site owners and webmasters overwhelmed by spam messages find relief with Link Disguiser, a professional technology solution from Logic Software that prevents email address harvesting on websites so spam messages have nowhere to go.

“Webmasters complain that they’re drowning in an ocean of spam, but don’t realize that their websites are fertile ground for email harvesting,” says security software expert Vadim Katcherovski.    “One spammer with just one computer can generate as many as 650,000 messages each hour and all he needs to do to capture website addresses is send out a spam bot.”

Katcherovski is the CEO of Logic Software Inc, a rapidly growing custom development and software outsourcing company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. He is among a growing number of technology professionals focused on combating what he calls “the scourge of spam” and the visionary leader of the team that created Link Disguisers.

Link Disguisers is a technology solution designed to help webmasters protect their sites and their contact information from roving email harvesters. Link Disguiser provides webmasters with a bullet-proof anti-spam protection and a powerful toolkit for quick and easy email address concealment.

How It Works

“A robot, also known as an email harvester, searches the web looking for valid email addresses,” explains Katcherovski. Some address harvesters are completely benign, seeking information to compile website address directories.

Less benign are the robots that are used by spammers to build their mailing lists. “Spammers have developed robot programs that can spider through web pages, looking for email addresses,” explains Katcherovski.

The robots latch onto email addresses contained in mailto: HTML tags. “It’s easy for the bots to spot the address “and capture it,” adds Katcherovski.

Staggering Under the Cost of Spam and Spam Clean Up

It’s not unusual for webmasters, sales people, the technical support staff, and the marketing department to receive hundreds spam mails in a single day. “More than 2 million unwanted commercial email messages are sent every 24 hours and that onslaught is costing U.S. corporations upwards of $8.9 billion dollars a year,” says Katcherovski, referring to a study by Ferris Research.

According to predictions from the Radicati Group, by 2007, if no significant changes are made in email laws, 70% of all messages will be spam. “Legislators seem unable or unwilling to stem the tide of spam,” notes Katcherovski. “That means businesses need to tend to their own problems.”

Developer Heal Thyself

“We know from experience what it takes to clean up suspicious and unwanted email every day,” says Katcherovski. “When Logic Software Inc. went online, it didn’t take long for a tsunami of spam emails to start flooding us.” The company knew it had to address the problem and created Link Disguiser as a solution.

To block sneaky spam bots, the Link Disguiser program allows webmasters to convert text-written email address into an image, “disguise” email address in a href tag, encode the "mailto:" tag with JavaScript, and automatically integrate anti-spam protection into selected pages (single or multiple) in Batch Mode. “Link Disguiser allows you to generate code with anti-spam protection and then customize it for your own needs,” explains Katcherovski.

Cutting Off The Supply of Addresses

“Spammers have a tremendous financial incentive to stay one step ahead of anti-spam technology, so they do,” says Katcherovski. “And that means even the best solutions allow some spam in or they block a valid email.” He notes that Link Disguiser foils spam at the source. The program prevents an email address from getting into the hands of spammers in the first place.

According to the U.N.’s International Telecommunications the actual costs of cleaning spam -- rebooting computers and peripherals, productivity loss etcetera – may be costing companies up to four times that amount. According to Nucleus Research, companies currently lose an average of 1.4% of each employee's productivity each year because of spam. “That means that for every 72 employees a company has, the annual work output of at least one employee is lost entirely to spam,” says Katcherovski.

Simply put, “Spam is bad for the bottom line,” says Katcherovski. “Companies that don’t have good anti-spam protection will end up spending a lot of time, money, and man-hours to purge their in-boxes manually.” He believes the smart solution is to “invest a small amount of money on a dynamic, customizable tool like Link Disguiser,” a proven solution software priced at less than $30.

“It’s affordable and it works more effectively than simple anti-spam software,” says Kathcerovski. “Link Disguiser stops the flood of unsolicited messages before it begins by keeping your email address hidden from spammers.”

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About Logic Software Inc.

Logic Software, Inc. is an innovative custom software development company based in Toronto. Logic Software has delivered hundreds of cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains, including Link Disguiser, a professional anti-spam solution that foils the attempts of spam bots to harvest email addresses from web site.

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